Sunny, cold, love filled Sundays

Phew, yesterday was manic. I was feeling really full of cold and yet still determined to not get neurotic and think it worse than it is. I am thinking that on the up side my body is full of anti inflammatories and immune boosting supplements that getting a cold is good for the body really. It could be that my body is getting rid of stuff and preparing for the autumn and winter or it could be a ‘healing crisis’ from the treatment that I have received this week.

Either way I really have to keep it in perspective. loads of other people have colds at the moment and I’m not pointing fingers but you know who you are that gave me this one!

Sadly despite knowing that I should stay at home and rest Pete and I had to work- moving his business to new offices. It was actually really good fun and all the staff were so upbeat and hands on it really made it a wonderful experience and so good to know that when they go to work on Monday that it’s all done and packed away. Every box. I made sure of that! A lovely bunch of people- Pete’s lucky to have them.

Then off to get Ray to take him shopping then home for his favourite (and only meal) I can cook- omelette. He hasn’t been out of the house for a couple of weeks and although he only comes to our house he was so happy. Time flies. Once he had been taken home we were then free.. and bushed! Off to bed at 9pm. This cold really has taken hold and I was feeling really sorry for myself. I knew I would feel better once I had a good nights sleep.

Spoke to my friend from Ibiza yesterday who has a talent for customising clothing. She wants to create a top with our mantra, ‘Light and Love’ on it. She has got the saying in 14 different languages to use. How cool. I cannot wait to see it. 🙂

Today has been filled with love and cuddles and the Bear and I have been discussing intuition whilst he has been cooking a tasty cream of cauliflower soup made with beans not dairy. I love sunny, cold, love filled Sundays like today-my favourite! (oh and watching rugby on TV- oh those big boys and their legs. Cheeky.) I have also noticed a change in our kitty. She actually loves us at last and has been sitting on our laps?! I know. A Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment! Bless her. I knew I’d break her down in the end… maybe she felt crowded and overwhelmed before; what with all the angels in the room! 😉

I’m off for some bear fur, food and rubgy boys legs.. Laters Potatoes… X

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