Supplements.. It’s a minefield

There are many supplements that I have taken over the last three years since I was diagnosed with incurable canSer. It is a minefield but as you can see from my website I have listed the ones that I feel are beneficial and have added their benefits.

The thing is I wrote that three years ago and have added to it over the years but I now need to update it it yet again.

I would suggest going with your gut when choosing what is best for you.

I still personally have issues trying to know which is best to take. I don’t want to take hundreds of pills daily as it is physically hard to keep them down, it’s hard to know if they are doing anything for me and also the cost involved. Buying supplements are not cheap. I also believe that changing things is good for the body. It keeps it guessing and the body doesn’t become complacent.

Therefore I am always open to what others recommend, especially when they have experienced success.

Below is a list of what I currently take;

Calcium with vitamin D: This was prescribed for me because I inject myself with denosumab, to help my bones stay canSer free. Denosumab can draw the calcium out of my bones which is why I take a supplement.

Immune impulse- a liquid supplement for improving my immunity in my gut.

Bromelain & Curcumin: Both anti inflammatory

Essential parent oils- Contains omega 3,6 and 9

Quercetin- found in onions and garlic. Based on my RGCC blodd test this is meant to be very helpful for meas is artemesinin, lycopene and liposomal vitamin C.

Rose hip extract
AHCC- Boost immunity
Green Tea Extract
Super R Lipoic

I also take a range of mushroom products such as reishi oil, cordyceps and coriolus. They are all known to help with working alongside chemotherapy to keep bloods supported.
As well as the supplements I also take some drugs that are known for their uses for other illnesses but research has shown that they are cheap and can benefit and assist canSer patients.

Aspirin- low dose to keep blood thinner.
Cimetidin- a drug used like an antacid.
Metformin- Used for diabetics- for me to keep blood sugars low
Atorvastatin- Controls fats by lowering chloresterol.
Mebendazole- Used for worms but is apparently clever and targets canSer cells.
All of the above drugs except aspirin were recommended to me by the Care Oncology Clinic in Harley Street, London. I initially bought them but since have asked my GP who is happy to prescribe them for me.

Click the links and it gives details on how these drugs should work;


I have also been recommended the following by my friend who has had huge success with his canSer and is currently free of incurable lung canSer;
Pancreatic enzymes

The first three he suggested I buy from a company in Mexico. He has done a lot of research into the best possible supplements. I take his word for it! I haven’t yet started these but will soon.

My friend Raquel, the patient advocate I spoke about last week suggests the following supplements as recommended by a doctor working with the clinic in Germany suggesting that taking them prior to having any immunotherapy would be a good grounding and make the recipicient much stronger and have more success:

Vitamin D
Omega 3
Vitamin A palmitate
Multi impulse
I am not familiar with all the supplements mentioned and will research into whether I should add them to my already extensive list.
Looking at my RGCC report it suggests I have one of each column and change it up every month;
i;                                                              ii;                                             iii;
Artecin                                                 Virxcan                                  Genistein
Ascorbic Acid                                                                                      Indol 3 carbinol
Bio d Mulsion                                                                                     Quercetin
numedica miscellised D3
C Statin                                                                                                 Salvestrol
Super artemesinin

There’s a lot there to take in and I never really know if they are having an effect so I have to go with how I feel and what my body tells me.

Right now I know that since I started taking multi impulse and liposomal vitamin c on top of everything I currently take I have felt stronger, less nauseous and hopefully after having my bloods taken today my results will show a stronger me reflected in my blood.

This weekend was great again spending my time with my Bear. Sadly my hair has been falling out since having TACE and as much as I was hoping some would last it was driving me mad finding hair everywhere and poor Pete was inhaling it at night. I could hear him blowing it away! Haha.
Bald again. Initially I was bothered. But it is only hair, as I keep telling myself. On the up side, my cough has started going which must mean the treatment is working! Yay…

The ups and downs of being a triple negative canSer patient….



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