TACE last week-I’m feeling remarkably well……


For the last week I have been getting on really well. Last Tuesday I was in Germany having TACE with Prof Vogl. This would be my 8th or 9th session. I am losing count! Every visit is so different. The waiting times, who I see, the discomfort, the level of service of receive and so on.

The constant is that Prof Vogl is always the one doing the TACE procedure. Phew… The treatment does cause me some pain now though. The last few times the procedure has left me with some collateral damage in the form of a hard lump in the groin right near the incision site. I do tell the Prof but he seems to think it will go on its own and there is no other thoughts on the matter.

This time it was just as painful. I swear he doesn’t wait for the anaesthetic work and I am left wriggling in pain. My leg and groin were really painful for the whole three hours I laid flat in recovery. Of course the usual happened… I wanted the toilet for the whole three hours and simply cannot go in a bed pan.

The day dragged, I was left waiting for hours for some things and there was no wait at all for other things. That’s how it goes. I still haven’t mastered the art of patience yet.

By the time I left the hospital my legs were at least were working and so was the pain relief for the groin. Prof told me the tumour had reduced in size again and there were no new tumours. He expressed this again like last time. As usual I was a bit disappointed. I want dramatic improvement! I feel like things should be going that way with everything I am doing and I am feeling really well generally.

This week I haven’t been sick from the chemo used in the TACE, which is nice. I have a healthy appetite and even had a cook off on Saturday, preparing foods using lovely fresh ingredients preparing ourselves for the next few day’s meal times.

The only thing I do feel is tired, mainly from not doing enough physical exercise, and light headed, presumably from low bloods again. I am taking iron supplements and all those that are required to go with them but that’s the way the body goes.

Wednesday morning I headed to my hospital and had an MRI and CT scan. I am getting used to having MRI scans now and felt positively relaxed for a change- thank goodness. Results will hopefully be given to me tomorrow when I am booked to see Prof Harris. Pete is coming with me too. I feel hopefully things are looking good in there.

This morning I had an email from my friend Wayne who has successfully cured himself of canSer! I mentioned him a while back but today he got signed off by his oncologist and no longer needs to go and see him, have bloods tests or scans. Wow! That’s amazing. We both do very similar treatments and self-help but he has conquered lung cancer, stage four. So it really can happen. I do know a lot has to do with mind-set, belief and so on, but it is so very frustrating! I don’t really know what is working for me and what isn’t.

Ho hum.. Life goes on and as long as we can afford to I will continue having treatment but oh, the feeling not to have to would be amazing. Not only the money, the upheaval and the fact that I am feeling well is all I have to go by.

Life is good despite the ups and downs for us both. Yesterday I felt like I was coming down with another cold but swiftly had a homemade ginger, lemon and apple juice to kick into touch. Right now I do feel fine, so it must have worked.

I was feeling quite domesticated on Friday and made these lovely raw granola bars…Oh My Goodness… they are so tasty. You HAVE to try them! They are so easy to make… go on!
Here’s the recipe:


So until tomorrow when I hope to have good news!

Light and Love… Happy Monday!


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