22 hours a day to research

Claire went to her close cousins wedding for 3 days with her Mum. This gave me literally 22 hours a day to research, plan, communicate and understand and the difficulties over those days is probably what created this web site. If you are already on day 6, I am so sorry that we didn’t get this to you sooner.

To be able to come to one place and understand Carboplatin, Bevacizumab in Triple Negative Untreated Metastatic Breast Cancer and Radio Frequency Ablation is why we all need to share.

The result of 3 days research and huge amounts of good luck and the kindness of people who help in every way they can and to whom Claire and I are more grateful than could be thought possible, resulted in our first 10 point plan, which is on the website.

It’s about now that we come to the stark realisation that most of what you read and research is totally negative. We need to start thinking in a different way and doing it fast as when Claire comes home she will need to not just know but understand that everything will be alright.

I base the plan on three factors, which most seem to agree, contribute to the huge number of cancers affecting the western world

  1. Toxins in our environment.  (We live in the country so hope this may be a little negated)
  2. Food processing. (We have removed anything non organic, pre-processed and not traceable to source. All foods are now driven by known anti carcinogens)
  3. Processed sugar (This is the biggest contribution to cancer growth and we have completely removed this. Which is not as easy as it seems)