Another year older….

So I’m a year older… I’m officially 38 years old. And I feel it. I am getting too old for partying! Ha ha.

Friday evening I felt a little unsure as to what the weekend would hold for me. I knew my friend was coming to stay as we celebrate our birthdays together, being that her birthday is two days after mine. I had left the organising of the weekend in Pete’s hands but as nothing had been said figured that we would just be having a ‘quiet one’. Pete had said that he would be surprising me… I thought the surprise would be there was no surprise!

Saturday morning came and I had a lovely little brekkie of boiled eggs and dipping soldiers. I had decided that my juicing could go a miss for a few days whilst I enjoyed my birthday.

Around mid morn8ing my friends arrived then some other friends to watch the Lions play rugby. Then….. more people started arriving…. Friends who I didn’t know would be coming all the way from Brighton and some I haven’t seen for a while! It was lovely… not taking much notice of what they were wearing I hadn’t considered why they were all dressed scruffily. I thought that’s just how they dressed. The day had plenty of banter then we were told that we would be doing some activities and would get dirty… Uh oh. I wondered if Pete knew me at all! I hate being embarrassed, put under pressure to do things and generally be involved in group activities. I did grumble quite a bit but that’s just nerves. The afternoon was filled with archery, shooting and pilot racing! 12 of us all had a go and despite the weather trying to make it terrible it was actually a good afternoon and yet another surprise for us all! We got home and changed to party the night away. Pete and his sous chef made paella which was delicious and then birthday cake…another surprise!

A long and very funny day… I didn’t get to bed til 4am!

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle and I slept for a lot of it as soon as I had cleaned the house and made bacon butties for the masses. I have a smile on my face even if today I am still not feeling myself. All the excitement and birthday drinks me thinks! (3 magnums of champagne and cocktails!) I was spoilt rotten and bought some lovely thoughtful gifts by everyone. J

I can’t wait for bed yet again… ha ha! But what a wonderful birthday and so much trouble Pete went to keep it a secret from me. He’s a good man.

I’m working today and on my penultimate day of chemo. All has been going swimmingly…..Clinic tomorrow to discuss my next move.