Let’s get through today so the staycation can begin!

Today is glorious! I started my day meditating in the garden… Total bliss…


I had an email yesterday from the payment office at St George’s hospital where I will be having ablation. They want me to pay before I arrive. I called this morning and paid the £1191 for the procedure including one night’s stay. It’s a bit like booking a hotel! Then it just dawned on me that they have asked me to call the morning before I am due in to see if I should go in the night before. The cost of an extra night is £468! I am thinking that I may need to stay after the procedure if I get a pneumothorax, but paying for the night before?! Hmmmmm.

Today has been manic! In a good way. I am booked with clients but the phone hasn’t stopped beeping and ringing. I am having so many new leads and I can’t think why? Usually the Universe deals me what I can handle and I am guessing that maybe this is a sign that things are going to be good for the future. To be honest I have been a bit bemused by it. I am reluctant to book people in the next few weeks after my procedure as I wouldn’t want to mess them around and have to cancel. Still this is all good and I certainly need the money to pay for extra nights in a hospital! Bizarre….

I was sent a few really interesting links today that I want to share. The first is on artemesinin, better known as an anti malaria drug and a natural herb called wormwood. It is very successful in stopping canSer. I have been taking this since Dr Hembry recommended it to me in February.

Here is the article;


Soon I will blog exactly what I take daily and why and also other daily rituals I do to keep well. I want other canSer survivors to benefit and be and stay well.

The other article has just been sent to me by another good friend. It seems really promising for all who have curable canSer. A pill which boosts the body’s natural defences could help fight off all cancers and stop them ever returning, scientists believe.

So read on!



I am little bit excited to finish work today because it’s my birthday this weekend and tomorrow my gorgeous hubby and I are going for a little ‘staycation’ in Cornwall. The weather is forecast to be sunny and warm and I am going to indulge in some treatments for myself and I just want to see the beauty of what England and the south west coast has to offer…Eek!

Technically as of tonight my birthday weekend starts here! Yay! Anyone that knows me knows I like to have a Mardi Gras of birthday celebrations. I’m not greedy I just like being spoilt! Ha ha…Just a few more clients then I can pack.

Ciao for now! X