Cheeky midweeky…

I had a visit to my local hospital Tuesday to see my oncologist Professor Harris. It has been months since I saw him and apart from emails regarding treatment options we hadn’t had any communication. It was good to see him. He seemed pretty happy. He said that he had received a very nice letter […]

Phew what a weekend…

Phew a few hectic days… Friday I had a brilliant acupuncture session with a new therapist recommended by a friend. He did auricular therapy on my ears too which was highly enlightening! It was interesting when he worked on my right side there was a definite resistance but when he placed a row of needles […]

In the Mood….

I had the weirdest night last night. We went to bed nice and early in order to catch up on much needed sleep. Well that’s Pete who needed it really but you know me always need more! But I couldn’t sleep and didn’t until about 2am. Whilst lying there the moon poured in through the […]

I change like the weather!

I have decided today that despite my negative head that has been lingering for a little while now (I don’t understand it I should be so happy. I am healthy, have so much to be happy about yet still dwell on things. Sometimes I can’t work me out!) That I should try and start making […]

Letter to CanSer

Acupuncture today. My energy is apparently better than before so the treatment was different. I had some points done in my hand that were working on both sides of my heart?!  Cool. 🙂 I have been saying my affirmations and really trying to say them like I mean it! I feel really well and I […]

What a difference a day makes…

What a difference a day makes. I have to admit I have been feeling less than positive over the last few days. I don’t know why. I have had an amazing holiday and a wonderful weekend full of love and happiness with so much to take my mind off things but for some reason I […]

‘Sending you much love and positivity’

Yesterday I went for another acupuncture session. The points that were manipulated were tender this time but I actually quite liked that. The feeling that something is being done, I guess. Michael, the acupuncturist said that my energy/pulse has improved since my first treatment. He did say my stomach and spleen feels a bit stressy […]