I have embarked on ‘project me’

Today Peter called and booked an appointment to see Professor Angus Dalgleish in London for later this week. I have embarked on ‘project me’. Peter helped me do the housework yesterday so that I could have more time for myself. I received a book that I ordered in the post today, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet. It focuses on an alkaline diet. She has cancer also but it has stopped growing through eating raw, organic mainly vegetarian diet.

I have decided that today I will do an aerobic session with Davina McCall, and then later learn some yoga followed by my breathing app then the Andrew Johnson positivity app. I feel so positive but quickly get so down. I try to be upbeat for Peter but I can’t help being scared. I am waiting to hear from a lady who has had dendritic cell therapy too how the results of her CT scan have gone. Judging by the fact she hasn’t contacted me yet maybe the results are bad.