Oo this is a tricky one…

Ah, the bank holiday weekend wasn’t bad at all, especially the one day the sun came out. The garden was our retreat and after much work we sat on our decking and took it all in. We love the sun. Sadly it has gone again but we will take it when we can. Pete spent […]

A whirlwind!

Days fly by and before I know it five days have passed since my last journal. I do mean to put pen to paper more often but I get so caught up with life and when away from my desk it’s almost impossible to keep up to date. There’s quite a lot to tell. Firstly […]

Spartans ready! Aroo Aroo!

Following the distant healing on Thursday at the time the picture of me was to be shown to john of god I mediated so that I can feel truly open to any sensations. I felt incredibly relaxed and the time went very quickly. During the meditation my hands became numb and after I had incredibly […]

A perfect bank holiday weekend….

Another bank holiday weekend gone in a flash but a very memorable one. Saturday was fine weather so the Bear and I got to cleaning the car for the wedding the next day. Pete was the chauffeur for the bride and brides’ father. He felt they needed time on their own to discuss whether she […]