I have a big cheesy grin and I know how to use it!

I have had a little of bit of excitement today. I had a call to be told that a newspaper may want to do a piece on me… plus I have been speaking to a BBC reporter and telling her my story. It’s not confirmed yet whether I am newsworthy enough but it still keeps me very much focussed on what this is all about. I have just been emailing some information across to the reporters and I am very proud of what the last 12 months has given me. I have just read the visitors page and it’s so comforting to know that I can in some way have contact with so many other people, cancer survivors and the general public. The messages are all so heart warming and I really do feel blessed to have such great support. I don’t think I am inspiring but if other people do then that’s brilliant.

I have also just been looking at my modelling photos to send a few across to the reporter and I recall what fun it was as well as how I dreaded it so much. My friend Lou can vouch for that. I was sending her panic texts from the studio right before I had to strip down to my undies! Ha ha! I am unsure if I will be asked back this year but it was one of those great experiences.

I was asked what my main aim is. That’s a bit of a tricky question because the obvious answer on a personal and selfish level is to kick canSers butt but at the same time be able to share the findings and experiences with everyone who is willing to read about it. If I can share one little nugget of information that helps someone in any small way then I feel I am doing the right thing. On a long term view I would love to continue with this work and will endeavour to spread the word about triple negative breast cancer the best I can. If I do find a cure or something that keeps me living well for many years to come then I will be shouting from the rooftops with a megaphone!

I was also asked what do I think has contributed the most to my current state of health? This is such a tricky question as I believe everything I am doing is contributing hugely. But I do have to say that if it wasn’t for my fitness and healthy lifestyle chemotherapy and any negative thinking would definitely be dragging me down. I have to admit it isn’t easy but life is full of ups and downs and the way I deal with eating ‘good’ foods as often as possible it to be aware and listen to what my body needs. As you know I do like a party and so I know that when I become ‘green’ again that my mood, my sleep and my general wellbeing improves vastly. You can only fight this battle if you are well prepared and that’s what people like me do. I think constantly being on the lookout of ways to make life fun, calm and stress free is up there on the steps to wellbeing. Looking at me I look better now than I have in years. I exercise daily even if it is only for 20 minutes, I meditate and I am grateful every day for the life I lead. Most of all I know for a fact that without my ‘One’ known of this would be possible. Now maybe that is a hard one for me to be able to share because I know I am very lucky to have such an attentive, thoughtful, hard working Bear… he will be blushing right now. But it’s true. My husband is the one that gets me through my dark days and motivates me to keep going. He is the one that says I will still be here in fifteen years, no doubt about it! If you don’t have a Bear in your life then I would suggest you find love in yourself and any other loved one may it be your mum, dad, sister, best friend or even your pet. Love is the most important thing in the world and when you learn to love yourself, love comes in abundance from every direction. I am one of the lucky ones but so could anyone else be. I will be there for anyone should they need my help or just want a smile. I have a big cheesy grin and I know how to use it!

Light and Love. X