Birthday weekend

Hi it’s Claire taking over the blog. It was Pete’s (Bear) birthday weekend. We invited a group of our very good friends to stay and had a weekend of fun. The boys went off road driving and got very muddy; we had a BBQ in the rain- The great British summer. (I’m not complaining!) Followed by a competition between the boys at pool; then a lovely meal at a Thai restaurant. We both felt like we didn’t want to celebrate but actually it was the best thing for us. I got to talk to the girls and they all offered advice about so many things.  I really have started to take small elements from everyone I come across. My friend Sarah suggested a ‘mood board’ whereby I put hopes and dreams and things to visualise on a board with such things as where I will be in July 2014 as well as a really cool app for breathing and hypnotherapy for things like relaxation and positivity. I’ve already purchased them! My best friend Lizzy (Beans) helped with nutrition, Jonno’s dad is an acupuncturist and Emma discussed NLP techniques of letting emotions release. It was lovely. Feel very happy.