Love days like this…

Just a short post today- I am having the best day. I love our home and I love our garden. I’m so pleased to be home. Been cracking on with weeding and as the sun is shining and its sooo humid we are enjoying time together in the sun.

Today I have posted on facebook asking all my friends and followers of ‘Making triple negative a positve’ and my facebook page plus my business page ‘Live Love Glow’, to send me a picture of them and a heart sharing the love like the one of me below. I am so astounded at how lovely everyone is and the creativity they go to make it different and unique. I’m going to use the images to create a mood board or poster and let it remind me how much love there is to keep me smiling and positive.

Finished the day of with a BBQ (mine is all veggies) lsitening to Cafe del mar tunes and a cheeky glass of champagne curled up with my boy. Couldn’t be more in love and happy….. Love days like this.