Almost at the end of my birthday celebrations.. Just one more weekend.

I’m sitting here in what feels like summer heat but no sunshine. To be expected in England. But I don’t mind. I have the last of my birthday celebrations this weekend when I am being taken to Cornwall by my hubby, back to The Scarlet hotel. I am really excited!

To be honest I am all ‘birthdayed’ out and am looking forward to normality… Hmmm if that exists!

I have been trying to get back to a routine and have to admit sleep is returning back to normal.. Ye-ha! I love my bed!

I am a little frustrated as I am still waiting to hear back from the lab in Greece and Dr Nesselhut to book an appointment for my next visit. I am trying to stay positive and not let fear get the better of me. My next scans are confirmed for the end of July. I keep thinking maybe I should go and have a TACE session with Prof Vogl soon just so I am having something that I know works for me. But I am reminded again that one maybe not be very helpful.

When will I ever learn patience? I am not sure that is something a canSer survivor has. If I sat waiting around then I am sure I would not be here.

Yesterday I had training on how to edit my new website. It isn’t quite ready to launch yet but hopefully once I have updated all the information then people will find it really helpful. Lots of work to be done……that and knitting. I have abandoned the knitting recently but babies are going to be born soon and I haven’t made them a blanket! Ha ha!

Keep an eye out for some lovely pictures of this weekend in Cornwall… I’ll post them next week.