Ah, what a weekend…

This weekend was brilliant. Brilliant weather, great mood, fantastic experiences and most of full of love.

I met with friends on Saturday and had a girly lunch at Blenheim Palace. Not your every day destination but truly fun, then I was picked up by my man and taken to our friends house where we had a lazy afternoon and evening with yet more friends having a huge BBQ! Highly impressive. All this eating is amounting to weight gain I hasten to add.

We got home early yesterday and had a day of sunning ourselves planned in the back garden but as ever we cannot sit for five minutes and before I knew it I was painting and Pete was mowing the lawn. By the afternoon we sat back with huge satisfaction that the garden looks great. We then had the pleasure of Pete’s sister joining us for a brief catch up. I think for once both Pete and I can safely say we had enough sunshine. For that day anyway! I am little pink today.

The vaccination that I had on Friday has certainly grown in size and resembles the last one. It looks pretty angry so I think we can safely say it has responded well again.

Today I have used the nebuliser with GcMAF. I currently feel great I just hope my insides resemble that feeling.

I am still waiting for a response from the clinic in Germany regarding the EBV vaccination. They have said they need to speak to the doctors before they can get back to me. Well go speak to them?!

I feel all over the place today. I am working and trying to plan future trips as well thinking about cleaning the house! Ha ha…