The Importance of Nurturing Friendships

Another day and the cold and cough has now gone.. Rock on!

I had another day full of love and loveliness. This is what it feels to be a lady what lunches! My friend came over with her son and we had a good ol’ catch up over a vegan lunch a la Clara. It’s amazing how much we share and even embarking on the last 4 months I am surprised as to how much I can help others (iwthout canSer) with the bits and bobs I have discovered¬† along the way such as the positivity app I use available on the iphone.

The greatness of friends and loving support is overwhelming and once upon a time the only people I thought I needed (and actually really wanted to spend time with) was Pete and my mum. I think before, everything seemed such a huge effort, having to make time. I cannot believe how negative and short sighted that is…

Pete has such great relationships and really nurtures them and does it without any effort or discussion. I know this because as he was leaving this morning the phone rang; it was his best friend. It’s so sweet that they call eachother first thing in the day, on the way to work- every day. They both rely on eachother so much and are the voice of reason and lend an ear on all sorts of matters. I think it’s brilliant and just shows how much support friends really are. We are so lucky to both have that.

I notice with life that things change all the time and friends have come and gone. Sometimes I think that it is just meant to be but now I realise that the Universe has a plan and what we may not want to happen could actually be for our highest good.


I have just returned from the shops for more organic veg. Two things to discuss; yesterday Ceri, my nutritionist friend said that even though the supermarkets sell organic does not necessary mean its that good, especially if it’s been imported from abroad and has suggested using companies locally who deliver to the door such as Able and Cole and also to find local farmers markets. I know it’s extra effort but I’m quite keen on supporting the UK and smaller independent shops and businesses and being ultimately healthy. I’m going to book my first box tomorrow.

The second thing to discuss is that I am pretty sure everyone must think I am mad as I have been affirming to myself all the way home! ‘I am healthy and happy’, ‘ My body is healing and healthy’, ‘I am canSer free’ and so on. Saying positive things is much more uplifiting than saying negative ones and the evidence shows that speaking positively increases the mood and the body responds to it..who cares if people think I am crazy. smiley-tongue-out.gif

Another two new books arrived today, Louise Hays, ‘ You can heal you body’ and ‘You can heal your life’. More reading.. but I love it!

Oh just one last thing, I had a gentle reminder that Christmas is only 7 weeks away… It’s bizarre, it doesn’t feel like it and boy, this year has been swallowed up… I’m not ready for Santa yet!¬† Although, I know what I want for Christmas……