Breast Cancer Breakthrough Media Volunteer.. who me?

The past couple of days I have been settling back into work and my usual routines. My body really felt like it needed cleaning up and I have been thoroughly enjoying eating ‘green’ and being as pure as possible. I am sleeping well having not had any alcohol too.  Pete is doing well with his shift in lifestyle and seems to be enjoying it if not a little impatient at trying to lose weight. 8 pounds in 6 days isn’t bad so he’s doing well. I have really been focussing a lot of following Polly Noble and discovered Jess Ainscough this week also, the Wellness Warrior. I am intrigued as to how these people have overcome canSer with their diets and often wonder should I be doing more? Some of them have embarked on the Gerson Therapy and others have literally just gone green. I wonder if I chose to do the Gerson therapy would it make me feel better. It’s difficult as I do take mediation too. This clearly does make my body more toxic but its worth I think.

Since I got my scan results on Tuesday I have been corresponding with Dr Nesselhuts clinic. They have informed me that I am to change my protocol and start having gamma delta cells as well as a Zometa infusion. I instantly felt panicked. What if it doesn’t work? What if there are side effects?

This is what I have been told;

Dr. Nesselhut recommends adding a treatment for enhancing the gamma-delta-T-cells in the body. These cells are unique to primates and represent a minority white cell in our blood. They expand dramatically in many acute infections and are supposed to be a key fighter in cancer as well having potent cytotoxic activity. Cancers are highly susceptible to gamma-delta T-cell mediated lysis which led to the proposal that gamma-delta T cells can be used for cancer immunotherapy (See Kabelitz D, Potential of human gammadelta T lymphocytes as immunotherapy for cancer, Int J Cancer 2004 Dec 10;112(5):727-32). Moreover, most interesting is the finding of efficient killing of cancer stem cells by gamma-delta T cells (Todaro M, et al. J Immunol. 2009 Jun 1;182(11):7287-96). In fact there are some trials concerning gamma-delta-T-cells in treating cancer patients. Gamma-delta T-cells are known to be stimulated by a number of non-peptide phosphorylated antigens like bisphosphonates (e.g. Zometa) leading to increasing numbers of peripheral blood gamma-delta T-cells. Thus we have the possibility by using for example Zometa and a very low dosage of IL-2 to enhance and activate gamma-delta-Tells in vivo.

So there you have it. I have done a bit of research and instantly notice that Zometa and it is used for cancer in the bones. It all sounds so farfetched and odd but they clearly know what they are doing. I hope not have any side effects and remain positive about it.

Pete got very excited about it as he thought it was his chance at providing me with his cells as that is what Dr Nesselhut had said would happen the last time we spoke to him however I have been informed that they will be using IL2 to activate my own gamma delta cells. It’s all very technical but exciting. So I guess I have to wait for a few weeks to find out. I have everything crossed that I will be fine and it doesn’t have the opposite effect on me!

I spoke to a lovely lady from breast Cancer Breakthrough a few days ago who wanted to discuss my story with her. She has asked me to become a media volunteer what with breast cancer awareness month coming up I may be required to do some radio, magazine or even TV! Eek! However I won’t hold my breath. These things come and go but as long as I can tell my story somehow then I can help other ladies in my shoes.


We are mostly having a weekend of love and housework with no alcohol involved! I don’t think about it if Pete isn’t drinking it which makes it so much easier. So now I must crack on with my gardening….. See ya!


October is the month to get to know your boobs!

Today is the first of October the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Great support is given and money is raised for multiple breast canSer charities but I think the most important thing that this month should do if nothing else is to ensure that all you ladies start checking yourselves regularly!

A recent survey by Breakthrough Breast Cancer found that half the women questioned do to check their breasts regularly, ifat all. The Uk is lagging behind the rest of Europe in terms of survival rates.


Most of our lives have been touched by canSer, so we know it is out there but we don’t necessarily equate that to our own personal risk.


The charity Coppafeel aims to encourage women to check their breasts regularly. It’s ridiculous that one in eight women get this disease and yet so few women check their breasts. I’m sure the reasons for not doing it is being too busy and simply forgetting so Coppafeel have set up a free text reminder service.  Simply text ‘boobs’ to 70300 and regular prompts to examine yourself will arrive.


If on the other hand you don’t know what to look for or how to check yourself. There’s no real science to it. Breasts change throughout your life. I always say you need to look for any changes. By checking them regularly you will get to know what is different. Don’t panic if you do find something, chances are it’s not canSer but get it checked by your GP immediately.  One way to look at is not checking for canSer but getting to know your boobs.


As with everything in this day and age, there’s an app for that! Download ibreastcheck app and it includes a helpful breast examination video.


So go on girls get to grips with your boobs. It could save your life.


Post on my Facebook page any charity or events that you are doing this month for Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s good to see the support and will spread the news for anyone that may be interested.