A good weekend for British winners!

This weekend has been a delight. Not only did I have the Bear back but we had sunshine… lots of it including high temperatures as well as many sporting successes for Britain… The British and Irish Lions won against Australia; the first time in 14 years and Andy Murray won Wimbledon! Come on! It feels so good and is such a lift to everyone in the nation. We needed a pick me up and wow how moving…. I think everyone found a way to watch tennis in their gardens yesterday. Ha ha! We did. We rigged up our TV outside and watched whilst we sunbathed and paddled in the paddling pool… brilliant weekend.

The weekend was full of love and the Bear looking after me; feeding me well. It is nice to be back home and getting into my routine again.

I started this week with a strong yoga session. I am now shaking and I don’t think I can lift my arms! Ha ha! Back to work today too. I don’t mind missing some of the sunshine. I think I have had plenty in the last few days and by the looks of me I look like I have been abroad for a fortnight!

The heat does have some down sides. It’s very stifling at night and Pete and I didn’t get any sleep last night. I think an early night is in order. I also think maybe I should have a detox bath and use some Epsom salts and oils to really balance myself.

I’m off to meet a new acupuncturist tomorrow. Closer to where I live and been highly recommended so I’m looking forward to feeling really balanced again.

I had an email from HD brows head office on Friday informing me that they are making me an HD brows ambassador! I don’t really have to anything other than what I already do. I spread the word and get other ladies involved in it too. Yay! Lucky me!