SAS training for cells

I said Goodbye to Duderstadt today after finishing two sessions at the clinic. My first session was another oncothermia treatment with ionised oxygen then I returned later for the vaccination of dendritic cells. I must admit I was apprehensive as I was keen to know how many cells they had managed to make. As usual Dr Nesslhut (Junior) was as calming and fun and discussed my blood analysis with me.

The dendritic cells were injected into my arm not my vein. There are two areas of the body that are most responsive, they are the skin and the stomach. These are the two areas that are most likely to come under attack- through touch or swallowing something. The ideal range of dendritic cells to have a positive effect are between 3 and 20 million cells. I had 16 million so not bad eh?

Here is an explanation in terms that may be easier to understand of what the DC cells are going to do. This was dictated to me by Pete so has his slant on things. Anyone that knows him will find this typically ‘him’. 🙂

The white blood cells have been primed(SAS training for cells) with NDV and cultivated for 7 days. They are now like the SAS. They have two jobs; 1. To recce the body for enemy and 2. To train my local soldiers to do their jobs well. Once they finish the recce, they’ve marked all the targets on the map, they then call for the artillery (my killer cells- K Cells) who will attack and destroy the tumour. Unsurprisingly my K cells are a bit low- probably due to chemotherapy. So I now have time whilst the SAS are doing their  job, to build up the artillery. The best way to build up K cells is through specific mushrooms; Shiitake and Coriolus. This conflicts with the alkaline diet but is more of a priority and I’ll just have to wok harder at the erst of my alkaline diet. to compensate.

Booked further appointments for next month then hopped in our trusty stead to head for Brugge for the night. Sadly, the roads were completely messed up and it took us about 7 hours to get to Brugge. So tried.. off to bed.