We hot footed it back to Calais against the clock!

I am typing this blog from my study at home. A big sigh of relief and happiness to be here again.

After my last blog I got many messages from friends with words of support. I don’t realise what I type at the time. It is all very spontaneous and heartfelt. So I hope that I didn’t concern too many people. I think maybe it was all getting to be a bit much and maybe I was hungry! I always get a bit wobbly when I need to eat! Ha ha!

Yesterday was a mammoth day in so many ways. I had my last infusion of Zometa which was then meant to be closely followed by the gamma delta vaccination that had been donated by Pete. I was very excited as there have been such good outcomes so far. As usual the clinic was busy. In fact it seems there are bodies everywhere. The thing is that canSer patients generally take friends and family with them especially when they themselves cannot speak English. I have a feeling the clinic is at maximum capacity. I try not to get frustrated but being someone that wants control I find waiting and the relaxed environment shall we say, a little stressful. This is, of course, not good when I am trying not to have stress in my life at all!

After waiting for Dr Nesselhut for some time our nurse went and practically dragged him up to see us. He took us into his office. At that point I did think it was a bit odd but then again you learn to get used to the unusual. He proceeded to inform us that Peter’s gamma delta cells couldn’t be used as there weren’t enough. He said that it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with Pete and not to worry but both Pete and I could see straight through him and knew this was not good for him. Nevertheless we sat there stunned and thrown. As you know we hate change and this had been planned for some months with such high expectations. Bless Pete he just sat there with a stunned face and turned to me and said, ‘Sorry’.  He didn’t need to say that. There is nothing to be sorry for. I was just in shock and worry for him. Dr Nesselhut then got on the phone to his lab and asked if there were any donor gamma delta cells there that I could have? During the conversation it turns out that the last three gamma delta cells they had worked on had all had the same low results like Pete’s. They felt this was too much of a coincidence and think that something they mix with the cells to cultivate them must be faulty. Phew that’s a relief. Luckily we did not have to pay for that work.

Then I was told they had another person’s gamma delta cells that they could donate to me instead. Of course we said yes but this has left us very confused. I was led to believe that the cells should be from someone I know very well and have had close contact with, which is why I chose Pete. Things get lost in translation so we decided at this point not to question too much and waited for an hour for the donor cells to arrive.

So far things don’t seem too bad but all the while we were meant to be on the road to Calais to catch the Eurotunnel train back home that I had booked for us. My stress levels were through the roof. I was concerned for the inconvenience of it all. My illness, the changes that need to be made, the cost, the time out of work, the upheaval for Pete and his business. It just seemed so unfair. But through it all Pete said its fine. We will do what we can.

Within the hour the gamma delta cells arrived. I sat and had then injected into me. It’s all very risky really. I could get an infection. I am having someone else cells injected into me and I hope that they do the trick!

No sooner had the syringe been emptied we were hot footing it to the car and setting up the sat nav to get us the quickest route to Calais. Thankfully we were both in high spirits by then and feeling pretty calm. The journey was great and after about 7 hours of driving we made it to the Eurotunnel for our train. After the 30 minute journey then followed another 2 and half hour journey back to our house.

A very long day but it was so good to be home. Kitty was here wanting more food… I grabbed her for a cuddle against her will. She made a noise of disgust and wriggled away… Ah… no place like home!

Having such a late night Pete has peeled himself out of bed and gone straight to the office to get our lives back to normal. We have been told that we are to go back for another session in six weeks. This has left me feeling very confused as I had been going every two months approximately. I have emailed Dr Nesselhut to discuss this with him. As it stands I may be going back in December.

This treatment is not cheap. It is even more expensive with gamma delta treatment. It’s a constant concern but I don’t want to stop now. The proof will be in the pudding on my next CT scan. I may as well bide my time until I get those results.

Today is a day of getting my life back in order; washing, emails, blog, hoovering, food shopping and planning for next week’s clients. I am so happy to be home…….