Every girl loves a little green box….

This weekend was a real treat. After having taken all my crystals away and hidden them and also removed the crystals from my body including my engagement and wedding ring we decided that I couldn’t very well wander around without anything on. I felt naked without them. So we decided to take a trip to London together. A little Sunday mooch around the shops but had one in particular in mind! Tiffany’s… every girl’s favourite store.

I didn’t want to spend much money as I am very aware of expenditure on everything like treatment and supplements and so on. But I did find something suitable and the hubby said I had to have it. I am so pleased he did.  I love the hearts on it. I think it’s so right for me and reminds me of all the love heart pictures everyone sent my last year. I like to think of it as my light and love ring. I’m a lucky girl….

Last night was quite turbulent in more ways than one. A storm hit the south coast last night then made its way to us by about 3am. It was noisy and a little bit scary. I had visions of the chimney falling down. I’m not sure if it was the noise and distraction but I had hot sweats all night long. I felt yucky. It’s the only way to describe it.  I am not sure why I am having these as I am not currently taking chemo as it’s my week off it. I hope tonight is better….

Today I have been busy with clients but that’s never a complaint as I love my work. Before my first client I had a Skype meeting with a lady called Patricia Peat from Cancer Options. After many years as an oncology nurse Patricia saw the need for people to have access to good quality information about all approaches to treatment so they could take charge of their cancer decisions. Cancer Options is a private cancer consultancy where you can obtain information and advice on all different cancer types and cancer therapies.

The reason I wanted to talk with her is to get a ‘professionals’ view on what she would suggest I should have. Pete and I throughout this whole thing have found treatments and made our own decisions. Ok they are working but sometimes it would be nice to know if there is anything we are missing and also what is cutting edge. Someone like Patricia speaks publicly and knows of many doctors and integrative approaches to cancer. I was specifically interested if she knew much about triple negative breast cancer. As it was our meeting didn’t last long what with technical issues her end but she seemed lovely. We will be talking again but in the meantime she is going to email me her thoughts and treatment options. I had already divulged my whole medical history and what I am currently doing. She actually seemed impressed and wasn’t sure she could suggest much else. But I have questions for her on things like mistletoe therapy and haelan 951. She did seem to have knowledge of triple negative so I think I will pursue that line of questioning next time we speak. So far though I am pleased that I have found her. I look forward to hearing more advice from her in due course.


Last night we made a delicious vegan meal. It was our take on chilli con carne. We used organic soya to replace the meat. I don’t usually have soya because of the implications with it but this was a one off. We also replaced the rice with   cauliflower that had been whizzed in the food processor. It was amazing and such a great alternative. Pete says he preferred it to the real thing! Feast your eyes on this….