Round Road Trip to see Stan the Reiki Man!

Today I went a bit of a road round trip. I got Sally Sat Nag ready and off we went… to acupuncture in Farnham then reiki in Essex. I know it sounds like a long way but really an hour and hal here and there is so doable. Plus I like the practitioners so I’m prepared to travel. Let’s face it going to Germany has topped all of them so far!

As usual reiki with Stan was eventful. I had so many colours in my mind and the thoughts were flashing in and out. When he lays on hands there is such a strong pulsating feeling as well as colours pulsing in my mind. Now there has to be something positive happening?!

I’m still waiting to hear from Prof Dalgliesh but the discs I sent with my scans on should definitely arrived and I am keen to get full reports on them before my next Germany trip.

Whilst having my heat and air treatment this mornring I had a flash of inspiration. I really want to gain awareness of my blog and website to offer help to anyone with canSer, those who want to prevent canSer and to anyone with triple negative breast canSer. Of course it’s to help others but also to help me.. there is a cure out there I just know it! I decided that I wanted to get as many followers on my facebook page in the first instance and then I want to increase traffic to my website so that the forums are used, guestbook has supporters comments and feedback on the site and long term to raise money. Now as far as I am aware starting a charity is’t as easy as it seems so in the interest of raising funds I think it should be for something close to me. Therefore I am thinking of supporting the Cancer Vaccine Institute. This is run by our very own Professor Angus Dalgliesh. I am going to ask him if he would mind (I’m sure he won’t) and I am thinking that raising funds to send people to have the treatment could be something to work on too.

Pete has already told Gus that his business would like to support his chairty so this could be really exciting. Here’s the charity web address to check it out go to;

My first contact to help me in my quest for more followers on facebook was to ask good friends and one of whom has a background in marketing. Everyone seems excited so tomorrow we are going to crack on and see where we get. It’s going to be a challenge as I only have 139 followers at present. I was thinking of a 1000 by the end of 2012!

On that thought it’s off to bed…. Excited!!!