Beauty despite cancer…

I have been speaking with many other TNBC survivors and have been feeling comforted to know that I am not alone. I feel empowered to stay positive and keep smiling. My friend suggested I write a letter to the Universe thanking it three times for something. I have thanked the Universe for keeping me well […]

Ten year survivors…

Another busy working day yesterday but this week has felt really good. I feel quite evenly balanced and everything has been flowing. I have been looking on a website featuring women who have metastatic breast canSer recommended to me by a friend. It has real life stories on there about women who are still living […]

Surely it’s not been a year already!?

Today is a monumental day for me and my Bear. It’s a year today we got the tragic news that I had incurable canSer. A year…Already! Oh my.. For me it feels like only yesterday but also a lifetime ago. I can vividly remember being at hospital then calling Pete. I remember the panic, the […]

22 hours a day to research

Claire went to her close cousins wedding for 3 days with her Mum. This gave me literally 22 hours a day to research, plan, communicate and understand and the difficulties over those days is probably what created this web site. If you are already on day 6, I am so sorry that we didn’t get […]