The importance of the cat in meditation

A short snippet from my day…

Today started early with meditation. I think I’m starting to get it and I can actually sit for 20 minutes..I would be even better if my kitty cat didn’t love meditating too- on my lap whilst my legs are crossed- there is only one outcome- dead legs! Bless her I’m not compaining I simply can’t believe she sits on my lap! The importance of the cat in meditation.

I had acupuncture again today and Michael says that my pulse felt agitated and decided that my energy levels needed boosting and he worked my lung points to strengthen them. Following that I had yoga with Lyn. She decided she was going to make me work. ‘All with love’ as she says. Well I certainly felt it but I feel taller and more open. I don’t think I will be able to walk tomorrow though!

This afternoon I have been preparing for dinner but also making up soups with soya beans and avocado and preparing more tonics for the next couple of days. I think I’m going to get into cooking vegan dishes as long as they are simple and rustic! ha ha!

Tonight I’m looking forward to getting curled up with my One, Night all!