Mammoth Catch Up..

Today has been fun!

Last night Pete and I collected our friends from the train station and then embarked on a mammoth catching up session. Amazing how quickly time can go and but also how comfortable it feels to chat to friends we haven’t seen for over a year! I cannot believe goes that quickly.So much has happened and I almost feel that the my memory can’t recollect that far back. Even the last four months are a blur. So much has happened, been said and the thoughts and changes made have been huge!

We didn’t get to bed til about 1.30am (way past my bed time on a school night!) Then we casually all got this morning (Pete went at the crack of dawn as usual to work) and chatted around the kitchen table.

One of my friends is a naturopath and is going to give me advice on my supplements. What she doesn’t know about food, lifestyle and supplements isn’t worth knowing! Let’s face it everyone would want to eat better but it’s the not knowing what is best for us that’s the problem… That’s where Ceri comes in. She looks great and is a good advert for herself!

Lucy has the dirtiest laugh ever and it was great reminiscing where we all met, in Ibiiza four years ago. Oh how I’ve missed them.

I took them to a local pub for some tasty hearty autumnal grub then dropped them off at the train station.

My cold isn’t giving me much in the way of grief anymore but I am still inhaling good ol’ Olbas Oil to clear away what may be lingering.

Pete has been following a lovely lady on Facebook who has breast cancer and lives in New Zealand. All her posts are positive but it seems that she doens’ seem to have much option other than chemo at present. I decided to contact her to see if we can help eachother. I hope she replies….

I am loving this season, the days are bright and crisp and I really think I ought to spend more time outside although I can’t seem to think of any reason to go out there! It’s been ages since pete and I did any long walks mainly due to other things keeping us busy but also the weather.. note to self. get my walking boots at the next given opportunity.

I’m looking forward to a snuffly night with Pete, eating butternut squash curry stew or soup I haven’t decided yet and watching Masterchef!

We decided this morning that maybe we are booking too many social events which is always difficult when we apporach Christmas but I am really going to try and take on board what I have been told, ‘not to over do it’.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow another time for ‘ladies what lunch’. Naughty but nice. smiley-kiss.gif