Blueberries cause programmed cell death inTNBC….

Today has been another good day. After having pranic healing yesterday I was keen to know if I would ‘feel’ anything over night. Well what can I tell you? I didn’t feel anything because I slept so soundly! Ha ha! That’s a good sign I think. I do feel light though not wearing my wedding, engagement and eternity rings! It feels weird but good all at the same time. Pete has said we will find something to replace my wedding ring so that I don’t feel divorced! I am thinking maybe wearing something large and dressy… but then I looked on the Tiffany website. Oops! I shouldn’t have done that as I have now seen a beautiful band with hearts… It’s perfect for me what with loving hearts n all. (Can you hear the tone of my voice and imagine the expression on my face?! I look like a needy pet!)

Really it wouldn’t matter to me if it were a cheap ring having something on is better than nothing I say.

I had an email from Les the pranic healer this morning and he has provided me with a forgiveness prayer and also advised me of a meditation cd he will give to me the next time I see him. One his patients who advised me to see Les said that orange is a really good healing colour. And that consuming things and surrounding yourself with these colours would be beneficial. With that in mind I made a large carrot, orange and ginger juice… Mmmm

I have been responding to many emails again today of people who simply want to save themselves and their families. It’s so touching hearing their stories and I can feel the desperation in their messages. I want to help everyone and wish every one of them the best. I wish I had a sure fire cure. In more ways than one!

One lady that has been emailing me has kindly shared another blog with me. It is called mum’snothavingchemo. And features a woman whose mother had cancer who decided not have chemo or other conventional treatment. (I guess that was clear to you by the title!) I have read a few features within it and I am really impressed at the depth of the research and how expansive it is. There are already a few things on there that have really got my attention. One thing that stood out to me is about blueberries and how they cause programmed cell death in triple negative breast cancer cell lines and metastatic cancer. This is a really interesting read on her page but also check out the links;


Pete has had more correspondence from Dr Baxter in Australia who has had a success using two drugs to break down the sheath that protects triple negative breast cells. Quite infuriatingly and saddening is that if the university in which the research is being carried out does not get any more funding the research will cease. Pete asked how much funding they would need to carry on, thinking that the costs would be £800,000 or more for the year… No £148,000. That’s all. This news almost bought Pete to tears. He simply couldn’t understand how little they require and yet they still may not get funding to continue such amazing research. The world we live in today sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out!

Here’s the Dr Baxters’ research;


Tomorrow is Wear it Pink Day 2013 in aid of breast cancer campaign. If anyone wants to get involved it’s not too late go to; I’ll post some pictures of Pete and his colleagues getting dressed up and raising money!