A perfect end to a perfect week…

Well what a fun filled week and weekend I have had. No sooner had mum gone home my best friend from school arrive. As expected we chatted like hyenas for many hours as well as filling our faces in between. We nattered about our lives since we saw each other which was about twenty years worth! It’s mad what people remember and as Clare and I used to live together when we were doing our GCSE’s there were some very funny memories! It’s amazing how much you can talk without taking a breath! Haha!

This week with family and friends has been so good for the soul. I feel enriched and happy and now on balance ready for anything. The week ahead looks busy but I feel settled.

At night before I sleep I have been saying thank you to the Universe even if it’s for one little thing during that day. It puts everything in perspective and makes me feel complete. I actually feel less like have canSer today than I ever have. I am treated as if I am well by everyone and I talk about the future and what my retirement years will bring. This is a shift in me. I have always looked to the future but for once I am not letting my health stand in the way. The possibilities are endless and I, as well as thousands of others, are simply waiting for a cure…

I have been bowled over by the generosity of my new friends too. I have received huge donations from people I only met briefly on holiday. I must have made an impression on them!

It’s only one week today that my friend Alex runs the Robin Hood half marathon in aid of my chosen charities. Here is a link to the race details; http://www.robinhoodhalfmarathon.co.uk/race-info/half-marathon.htm. I couldn’t even contemplate running that far so I am thrilled and touched that she is making such a huge sacrifice to do this to raise more funds!

If you would like to donate to support her and Breast Cancer Breakthrough and The Cancer Vaccine Institute then please click the link:


Well the sun is out and it’s 23 degrees. My Bear is on his way back from a boys weekend and I feel he may be a little delicate… so I am getting everything ready for him to crash when he walks through the door then a cup of green tea in the back garden… A perfect end to a perfect week.

I feel chilled and happy.. going on my merry way for now…..

Yesterday I felt pretty tired so didn’t blog.. I had a friend over and in true Kitty and Bear style we had a mini celebration for the small victory!  It had to be done…

I had some sad news yesterday that my friend’s mother passed away from cancer. It came as such as surprise. My friends had tried to ensure I was told with sensitivity so Pete told me about it last night. I was devastated. She was such a lovely person and such a fighter. I tried to spread the love a short while ago by sending her my ‘prayer and promise’ that I say every day and a card with an affirmation in it to give her some strength and hope. She was diagnosed with cancer the same month and year as me. I am so shocked and yet feel so lucky that I am as well as I am, still. I don’t think anyone will ever get used to hearing it despite thinking that it may be imminent. I said a little prayer today. I hope she has found her way safely and that the family can feel peace soon too.

I have been working today doing facials and brows. I love it. I will never tire of seeing my wonderful ladies and doing such a rewarding job. I am even thinking that maybe I could increase my work load now especially as I now know for the next two or three months I will be on oral chemo and going to Germany.

The good news the other day has given me a real boost so I feel motivated to continue doing my rituals every day. I am overwhelmed by the response I got from my good news which I was happy to spread around loudly! Weirdly enough though I still feel very delicate in what I should be doing. What if slight changes will make the canSer grow again? I know it’s worrying for no reason but the next scan whenever that may be is going to be a worrying time. The anticipation of good news. That’s the thing with canSer. It really makes you have to live day to day. The unknown is always round the corner and the fear of what may be is the biggest issue to overcome. I just need to relish the time and successes now.

I have been setting up charity just giving pages today getting ready to inform everyone about making donations and selling bracelets. I think I should wait to sell the bracelets until I get back from Germany next week. But having spoken to friends they are all so willing to help sell them. One friend is even setting up a stall at the school Easter bizarre. Brilliant. I couldn’t ask for more. I hope all 500 go without any trouble!

My nail lady gave me a news article cut out yesterday about an Indian medicine cure used for malaria, that originates from neem tree could also fight cancer cells. US researchers found that the extract known as gedunin attacks the protein that helps protexct cancer cells against drug treatments. Cancer hijacks proteins that protect cells by tricking them into helping the mutated celss stay alive, but the extract fights back against tehse proteins and no effective in killing them. On looking into it furhter it seems it is very useful on cancers that are influenced by hormones. Sadly triple negative breast cancer is not. But great news for other types!

Last night I slept for over ten hours… I love logging my sleep patterns. I feel it is huge success when I sleep well.

I had news also a few days ago that another friend has breast canSer. She has only just been told and has surgery on Monday. I hope that I can help her ask the right questions and help her make the changes so that she doesn’t get to where I am now.  I wish I had known someone like me back then. Maybe I would have listened …or not. It has to be right for the person at the time. All I can do is be here and not overwhelm her with information. That’s the thing in the beginning is that you feel so overcome with info and you don’t know what to do for the best. I say, take every day as it comes and be patient.

Well, I smell of roses after having done a wonderful aromatherapy facial. I feel chilled and happy and I am going to continue on my merry way for a short while at least. I feel so happy that everyone that cares for me and has been worried for me feels happy too. I forget how hard this must be on them too. We can all be happy and thrilled for now anyway! It’s bloody working… That’s all there is to it. More running man me thinks!

Light and Love. X

Bloods checked, third round of chemo it is!

Yesterday I was back up the Churchill hospital for my clinic appointment. Unfortunately there was an immediate 60 minute delay (I’m not complaining!) due a burst water pipe, which the cleaners said they could’t clean up because of health and safety…. So who could clean it up?! Anyways.. funny. The consultant I saw just asked how I was and prescribed me my next round of chemo. I didn’t tell her about Germany as I was asked. I have confirmed my CT scan is in three weeks. The consultant did listen to my chest and back whilst I did some deep breathing and said that the lower back part of my lung wasn’t taking in as much air.. Oh my god! I thought.. But then said, ‘It could just be my listening though’. Then looked at the old scan reports and said ‘Yep, my listening it is’. I had a mini panic and then thought I am not out of breath so I know there is no problem there. She said that I shouldn’t be experiencing any side effects other than sore hands and feet. That is not what I got told by the other consultants.. She said on my doasge I wouldnt get diarrhoea, nausea etc… She said to expect my hands to get worse over time and to invest in a  good hand and foot cream… OK …..

I then went to the pharmacy and had to wait another hour as the prescribtion hadn’t been screened and forwarded to them despite having been written three weeks before. Again I’m not moaning, just saying… So I spent 4 and half hours for a ten minute appointment today, needless to say I didn’t get a great deal else done.

I did however update the website information and sent it on to, my man that can, with the dieticians info along with a few tweaks in the nutrition section and adding the info on metformin.

Wow, metformin looks so exciting. I have googled today metformin and triple negative and it actually shows on Wikipedia (I know it’s not that reliable but still), and it says that it is potentially going to be going through trials as the widely-used diabetes drug metformin holds promise for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer.In addition metformin may influence cancer cells through indirect (insulin-mediated) effects, or it may directly affect cell proliferation and apoptosis (death) of cancer cells. Epidemiologic and preclinical lab studies indicate that metformin has anti-tumour effects, via at least two mechanisms, both involving activation of the AMP-activated protein kinase(AMPK). A large-scale phase III trial of metformin in the adjuvant breast cancer setting is being planned.  Now I know it may not be great for me in position but it’s very exciting and as it has very little side effects and is cheap- this could be so useful. I am pleased I am taking it anyway. You never know it may help!?


I had a reply from a charity that heads up a trial at Kings College London in conjunction with Breast Cancer Breakthough that is focussing purely on triple negative breast cancer. Here is the link to take a look;


It’s is being headed up by Andrew Tutt, whom we have been told is highly regarded. I would quite like to have an appointment with him to know more.

I called the hospital on my return yesterday to get the results of the bloods that I had taken. All seems fine and I am good to go to start my next round of chemo, which is today. So down the hatch…

Today, I have been struggling a bit. Pete got up at 5am and left at 6.30am. Unfortunately I couldnt get back to sleep but insisted on staying in bed till 7.30pm by which time I had started to feel sleepy. I have been a walking zombie all day! I cannot keep my eyes open. I have my yoga lady arriving any minute now and feel a bit better but I think I must have worms! I cannot stop eating either? I don’t even feel hungry yet I want to eat!

I have been drafting the cards for the little wish bracelets I am going to make today also. I am so impatient and have such grand ideas.. I have enough beads and cord to make up to 500 bracelets.. all by hand, by myself. I know it’s going to take time but I hope I can sell them all. I want to make money for charideeee. Ha ha!

Back from doing yoga and I feel so much better now. Plus the little swarovski crystal beads have arrived for the bracelets.. eek! So exciting. I think I may have my work cut out… Oh well.. it will keep me occupied and it’s all for a good cause. I hope people want to buy them…