We’ve topped £7000!

I woke up being totally snuffled again this morning… I have had a big smile on my face all day today. I love my Bear. He is so kind and caring and full of love. I wish people told him how lovely he is more. He deserves happiness in his life. Bless him. X

Yesterday I had clients coming to see me to be beautified. It was brilliant as my old clients are coming back slowly but surely and they seem so pleased to see me. I keep being given gifts and yesterday I received an orchid and a pack of Green and Blacks organic dark chocolate… Mmmm. But more than that my clients have been praying for me all over the world and where they go they light a candle. This touches me so much and makes me realise how lucky I am.

Yesterday was also my last day of chemo. My 8th cycle! I actually feel really good. It’s amazing how one good day of eating, no alcohol and back to usual exercise and rituals how I can feel tippedy top!

I also posted on facebook yesterday that I am going to start taking on new clients again. No sooner had I said it but three new clients booked… whoop. My diary is getting ever busy and I mustn’t forget to keep focused on my project of getting well again. I tweeted this online and Nilam Patel, founder of HD brows messaged to congratulate me on getting back into it again… how nice!

I have had a few emails and messages today also from other TNBC ‘survivors’ (and other canSer survivors) asking my advice. I have to admit I am feeling great today. Everyone I see says I look really well, that has a lot to do with a tan I currently have but maybe I am glowing from the inside and it is showing on the outsides.

I am more than happy to share my news, experiences and advice where possible. I just hope this is the start of things to come. More and more people are realising that working alongside conventional treatment such as chemo is the way to go. I wouldn’t say no to professional advice of any kind but I guess everyone has their own paths.

Yesterday was my last day of cycle eight of chemo. Eight! Who’d a think it? Eight cycles sounds crazy yet I still believe it is working and I feel great.

To top off my feel good day I have been for reflexology. Claire says that she feels my lungs feel even better and everything feels very calm and relaxed… all except in the dimple of my glutes! How bizarre! I have a tight knot in my butt cheeks. I put that down to all the squats I have been doing!

I have been food shopping today also and my oh my how I love fresh organic veggies. I actually feel quite proud of myself when I am the checkout. I know everyone is looking at my conveyor belt and their own and thinking either, ‘She’s mad!’ or ‘She’s so healthy, I must be more like that.  If only they knew how unhealthy I can be at times! Ha ha!

Today I have paid in some money that I have been making through selling the wish bracelets as well as some of my friends donations through efforts too. This has taken the total of the virgin giving page to £7059.60! We topped that £7k mark at last! And to make it even sweeter it actually equates to more than £8000 with gift aid….. BOOM!! We are firing on all cylinders and need to get cracking with making more! Thinking cap is on.

I think I am going to try and make time every day to sit and visualise or do some quantum field healing. I have to kick the last lot in the butt!I also think that I need to plan more training for the future…. keep me focussed.

So much going on.. I am really happy…X

The results are in……..

Well what can I say.. Today is one of those days that I have something good to write about.

The day has been looming for a week. Initially at the time of my scan I felt deep inside that everything was going to be ok but as the week wore on I let my head get the better of me and whether its self preservation I started to fear the worst. This morning I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown and I felt so sick on the way to hospital with so much adrenalin rushing round my body.

The journey to the hospital should have been a sign. It took me 20 minutes door to door.. Amazing. All the traffic lights were green and the day has been absolutely gorgeous here, bright and sunny and almost warm enough to sit out in it.

Pete met me there and he gave me a pep talk as usual to calm me down. He said that no matter what the results say we will keep on working, that I feel great and that warrants a lot, I can deal with the disease much better if I feel good, and he reminded me that today is really the only important day to think about, not tomorrow or next week as today is the day we are living… I know he is right. Once I got that in my head I calmed down. In the waiting room, we met an old friend of Pete’s with his wife who has leukaemia. She too looks well and they are having their own battle with what treatment is available to them. They are not t simply taking what one consultant tells them as they have told her she is too old for a bone marrow transplant at 70 years old. They have changed consultants and feel better knowing they have a plan.

We were only there for ten minutes when I had to have my usual weigh in ( to see if I am losing weight- indicates illness) and the nurse asked me who I would like to see today; Prof Harris, Nicky Levitt or Dr Lord (whom I haven’t met before). Well that’s a first and also very kind of the nurse to ask as she must be well aware of how I feel about them. From that list I chose Prof Harris and immediately wondered if I had chosen the right one. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to have confrontation and go over old ground. Pete said I had chosen the right one so that was good. No sooner had I chosen we were asked to go through to see him. Wow that is the quickest I have ever gone through to my appointment.

Prof Harris came in looking rather dapper I must say with a purple leopard print tie! I told him I loved the tie.. I couldn’t help myself. He sat down and within an instance told us it was GOOD news!

I turned to Pete whose eyes had already filled with tears (he won’t admit it was tears because he is a bear and they don’t cry- ha-ha!) Prof Harris had printed me a copy of the report which I must say was slightly more detailed than the last I have had. The upshot of it was that it looks like the capecitibine chemo drugs are working. The lung nodes have all decreased in size for example the largest was 14mm is now 9mm. The pretracheal node which measured 23 x 16 mm is now 9 x mm and so too have all the other nodes decreased on size. The pericardial effusion (fluid round my heart) has also decreased. Plus there has been no spread to any other organs or bones that they can see.  The overall impression is that it is an interval disease response.

Well whatever you call it it’s bloody brilliant news! I knew it really deep down that it was going to be good news. I had a strong feeling last week but of course doubted myself just in case I was wrong like I have been I the past. I have to listen to my body more.

Needless to say Prof Harris said, ‘Go on then off you go. See you in three weeks.’

I collected my chemo drugs which I start tomorrow and I have never been so keen to get onto them again! This is exactly what I needed. I needed to kick start everything and not get complacent. The Prof said that exercise and eating well is key. He said that my current weight will be helping me with coping with the drugs and combating the canSer.

Well as soon as I left his office whilst waiting to have my bloods taken I text all my nearest and dearest and have been simply bursting with happiness and smiles all afternoon.

I am overwhelmed with the comments and support I have today on facebook too… Brings a happy tear to my eye…. but most of all I just feel like dancing!! So the running man it is in my kitchen. Whoop!


Bloods checked, third round of chemo it is!

Yesterday I was back up the Churchill hospital for my clinic appointment. Unfortunately there was an immediate 60 minute delay (I’m not complaining!) due a burst water pipe, which the cleaners said they could’t clean up because of health and safety…. So who could clean it up?! Anyways.. funny. The consultant I saw just asked how I was and prescribed me my next round of chemo. I didn’t tell her about Germany as I was asked. I have confirmed my CT scan is in three weeks. The consultant did listen to my chest and back whilst I did some deep breathing and said that the lower back part of my lung wasn’t taking in as much air.. Oh my god! I thought.. But then said, ‘It could just be my listening though’. Then looked at the old scan reports and said ‘Yep, my listening it is’. I had a mini panic and then thought I am not out of breath so I know there is no problem there. She said that I shouldn’t be experiencing any side effects other than sore hands and feet. That is not what I got told by the other consultants.. She said on my doasge I wouldnt get diarrhoea, nausea etc… She said to expect my hands to get worse over time and to invest in a  good hand and foot cream… OK …..

I then went to the pharmacy and had to wait another hour as the prescribtion hadn’t been screened and forwarded to them despite having been written three weeks before. Again I’m not moaning, just saying… So I spent 4 and half hours for a ten minute appointment today, needless to say I didn’t get a great deal else done.

I did however update the website information and sent it on to, my man that can, with the dieticians info along with a few tweaks in the nutrition section and adding the info on metformin.

Wow, metformin looks so exciting. I have googled today metformin and triple negative and it actually shows on Wikipedia (I know it’s not that reliable but still), and it says that it is potentially going to be going through trials as the widely-used diabetes drug metformin holds promise for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer.In addition metformin may influence cancer cells through indirect (insulin-mediated) effects, or it may directly affect cell proliferation and apoptosis (death) of cancer cells. Epidemiologic and preclinical lab studies indicate that metformin has anti-tumour effects, via at least two mechanisms, both involving activation of the AMP-activated protein kinase(AMPK). A large-scale phase III trial of metformin in the adjuvant breast cancer setting is being planned.  Now I know it may not be great for me in position but it’s very exciting and as it has very little side effects and is cheap- this could be so useful. I am pleased I am taking it anyway. You never know it may help!?


I had a reply from a charity that heads up a trial at Kings College London in conjunction with Breast Cancer Breakthough that is focussing purely on triple negative breast cancer. Here is the link to take a look;


It’s is being headed up by Andrew Tutt, whom we have been told is highly regarded. I would quite like to have an appointment with him to know more.

I called the hospital on my return yesterday to get the results of the bloods that I had taken. All seems fine and I am good to go to start my next round of chemo, which is today. So down the hatch…

Today, I have been struggling a bit. Pete got up at 5am and left at 6.30am. Unfortunately I couldnt get back to sleep but insisted on staying in bed till 7.30pm by which time I had started to feel sleepy. I have been a walking zombie all day! I cannot keep my eyes open. I have my yoga lady arriving any minute now and feel a bit better but I think I must have worms! I cannot stop eating either? I don’t even feel hungry yet I want to eat!

I have been drafting the cards for the little wish bracelets I am going to make today also. I am so impatient and have such grand ideas.. I have enough beads and cord to make up to 500 bracelets.. all by hand, by myself. I know it’s going to take time but I hope I can sell them all. I want to make money for charideeee. Ha ha!

Back from doing yoga and I feel so much better now. Plus the little swarovski crystal beads have arrived for the bracelets.. eek! So exciting. I think I may have my work cut out… Oh well.. it will keep me occupied and it’s all for a good cause. I hope people want to buy them…