Met a friend who I haven’t seen for over 20 years. I’m not old enough!

Well it has been a few days since I have written my journal/blog. It’s been fun filled and entertaining as usual.

Friday was Rays’ (the fella we care for) 90th birthday! I have to admit I am surprised he has made it this far since he has been in hospital so much over the past few years but boy, he is alive and kicking and looking forward to life. I’ll give Ray his due he doesn’t stop thinking about the future and what more he can get out of life. I do think though he is a bit old and sometimes crazy in his thoughts. Such as thinking he can simply go out and start driving again and go off on trips when he can’t walk and doesn’t have a driving license but at least he has gumption. I like that word. He doesn’t stop dreaming and maybe that is why he is still here today. I personally would want to be more involved with other people to have friends. Ray doesn’t have any one but us but at least he has us right?

We bought him a cake (without 90 candles that would have been silly really!) then took him out for lunch. We actually had a lovely afternoon and bless him he was really pleased.

Then on into the weekend. Saturday was a special day for me. It had been in my diary for some months and although I was excited I didn’t have any expectations of what the weekend would be like.  Pete and I drove to Brighton to meet a friend I haven’t seen for more than 20 years! I know I simply am not old enough to have friends that long ago but sadly at nearly 38 years old I do! My friend Clare (another one- Clare’s were popular in my year!) and I used to go to school together. In fact in the last year leading to our gcses her parents moved to Wiltshire from Weymouth. So that Clare wouldn’t have to re sit her whole last year in a new school my parents said she could live with us. For six months Clare and I shared a bedroom. We had to laugh. My parents had a huge house which was a bed and breakfast yet Clare and I had the smallest room in the house. Clare’s bed pulled out from under my bed and I used to have to step over her to get up. We had a great time and it was bizarre what clare could remember from that era. My memory is terrible for certain things. Clare could remember dinners we would eat. My mum made things simple for us by always having the same dinners on certain days each week. Monday fry up night, Thursday was pasty, jacket potato and beans night ( except for Clare she hates baked beans and had spaghetti!) then Fridays was fish and chip night, Saturdays chilli con carne and Sunday of course a roast. Apparently Clare remembers Wednesday we would try something different each week. I can’t remember what Tuesdays were! I found that the fact that Clare could remember this amazing! Oh how we laughed. She remembers how mum would tell us off for having two showers each day! Sometimes three! Well at least we were clean. We did of course get up to mischief and luckily for Clare only got in trouble with my –parents for being a tad naughty every now and then. But saying that we always got our homework done first then went out to ‘play’! Clare was academically amazing, had big brown eyes and long gorgeous hair and a great figure. Sickening! I turned up at her front door on Saturday and there she was with three beautiful children looking as gorgeous and fit as ever. Yuk! We squealed for a while with all the excitement and woke the baby! Oops! Five hours flew by and we had didn’t stop chatting. We have so much in common. I definitely won’t be leaving it so long and can see a new friendship with her and her husband to come.

Saturday evening we met one of our friends from home who now lives in Brighton. We went to a vegetarian restaurant (much to Pete’s disgust initially!) which was amazing! Terra a Terre is a must for anyone.  We all loved our food and Pete had a veggie version of fish and chips with haloumi. He thought it tasted better than real fish and chips! We then went and partied to old 90’s tunes. Such a great night. We spent our night at the grand hotel overlooking the sea. First thing the next morning I opened the curtains and the door to see bright sunshine and listen to the seagulls going about their way. After a hearty breakfast we walked and sat in the cold spring sunshine watching everyone making the most of the weather. I simply cannot remember such a chilled out and happy weekend.

On our drive home I felt amazed at how I feel so lucky to have such great friends. I have known so many people over the years but never made the effort to keep in touch. Thinking I didn’t need them and not realising how important they are to me.

I have in the last year rekindled many friendships all of which were in my life 37 years, 23 years, 15 years, and 9 years ago. I know we will now keep in touch and spend lots of time together. I’ve never had this many friends at once. Happy girl.

To top the weekend, Pete has been extra specially lovely. If that’s at all possible? We had so much love and cuddles and he is generous and kind with my friends. He is so easy to with everyone and what’s funny is everyone thinks they kind of know him already from having read my blog. My big wonderful Bear.

So the excitement doesn’t stop there. This weekend coming is a bank holiday. As a surprise Pete has said we are going away and to pack for somewhere cosmopolitan. In a conversation though he accidentally told me we are going to Rome! Bless him. He was gutted he let it out. But I don’t mind! So exciting. It is on my mood board of destinations I’d like to travel to and I have always wanted to go there!! Whoop!

 It’s funny being so busy at the weekend in a relaxed kind of way I felt less tired than I had all week. And today I woke up with a song in my head and feeling very cheery. I don’t feel sluggish and I certainly don’t want to sleep.  I’m almost half way through this cycle of chemo and I don’t really have any side effects except dry hands. But nothing that cream won’t sort out.

All the years I have always wanted to make sure I look after myself, moisturise my body after showering, body brushing, exercising, eating well, reading and more. And now I do them all the time. Ok so it’s because I have been prescribed them or need them for well being but inadvertently I am being the person I always wanted to be but was too lazy to be. My hands and feet are being moisturised every day. It’s crazy that I needed to wait for this to be ‘good’.

 Research has been coming in thick and fast recently. It seems triple negative is really quite a focus for many researchers. This of course pleases me! Apparently copper depletion has been found to ensure triple negative doesn’t spread or reoccur.

Researchers studied 40 women with tumours that were likely to recur. When given a copper-depleting drug, known as TM, patients had a reduction in cells that promote tumour growth.

“For the vast majority of them, their tumor didn’t come back. Even in those that we would really 100-percent expect their tumours to come back,” Dr. Linda Vahdat, Director of the Breast Cancer Research Program at Weill Cornell Medical College said.

Two patients with stage four triple-negative breast cancer are disease-free at four and five years.  Most triple-negative patients with advanced cancer die within ten months and 85 percent of patients with stage three or four breast cancers were disease-free at ten months.

Martha is one of them. Her cancer is still in remission and she’s hoping it will stay that way!

An evolving understanding of how tumour cells spread and set up shop in other organs led to the study of TM to prevent relapse in high-risk patients.

In order for a breast tumour to spread, it needs help. Tumour cells can migrate freely in the blood, but they need a specialized group of bone-marrow-derived cells called endothelial progenitor cells, or EPCs, to grow the blood vessels that feed a new tumour.

“If a breast cancer cell decides to go to the liver or lung or bone, these EPC cells help with establishment of those tumours,” said Baar.

Copper is a trace element we all need in small amounts for the formation of red blood cells and bone, as well as the absorption of iron. It’s also critical to mobilizing EPCs — when there isn’t enough copper available, the level of EPCs in the blood drops significantly.

TM is a copper chelation compound used to treat patients with Wilson’s disease, a rare genetic metabolism disorder that leads to excess copper in the blood. TM binds the excess copper and is then excreted as waste.

In the Cornell study, about 75 percent of the patients achieved the copper-depletion target using TM after one month of therapy, and in these patients there was a significant reduction in EPCs.

Whoa! This is amazing news. I think I need to know more about this copper depletion…..