Green for Life….

The weekend came and went as fast as it always does. We filled it with garden and household chores but it was good to get in the fresh air and sunshine. Pete is persevering with his juice detox and has been including lovely smoothies in it too. He became quite despondent on Friday evening when the scales said he hadn’t lost any more pounds. After a good night’s sleep he hopped back on the scales to find that he was four pounds lighter. He has lost ten pounds in five days. (This may sound a lot but he has it to lose. He won’t mind me saying that!) He isn’t restricted on how many smoothies or juices he has so doesn’t have to go hungry. I’m mostly proud of how neither of us, even over the weekend , has even considered having an alcoholic drink! I have slept better and we both seem calmer. I am excited at the concept of having alcohol only for special occasions and that this lifestyle we are currently adopting could be an everyday occurrence. Pete’s skin looks brighter too. He had headaches from caffeine withdrawals to begin with but now he is fine.

I had a chance to do some reading yesterday and decided to start ‘Green for Life’ by Victoria Boutenko. It is based around the scientific reasons why green smoothies are one of the best ways to eat over and above raw foods alone. I love my green smoothie juices now and I know that it sets me up right every day. I will try and get Pete to have more green when he isn’t detoxing.

One of the main reasons for smoothies over juicing is the fact that it includes so much fibre which we all need. The obvious reasons for green smoothies are the fact they are like liquid chlorophyll which is full of oxygen rich nutrients. Nothing can be better.

Chlorophyll does the following;

Build s a high red blood cell count

Helps prevent cancer

Provides iron to organs

Makes the body more alkaline

Counteracts toxins eaten

Improves anaemic conditions

Helps purify the liver

Regulates menstruation

Helps sores heal faster

Reduces pain caused by inflammation

Amongst other things….


Consuming as much chlorophyll as possible is like bathing our inner organs in sunshine!

That’s enough of a reason for me… but the big thing for a canSer patient is the fact that canSer doesn’t like an oxygen rich environment. This was discovered by Nobel Peace prize winner Dr Warburg. He discovered a normal healthy cell undergoes an adverse change when it can no longer take in oxygen to convert glucose into energy.  In the absence of oxygen the cell reverts to a primal nutritional program to nourish itself by converting glucose through the fermentation process. The lactic acid produced by the fermentation lowers the cells pH and destroys the ability of the DNA to control cell division.

The book was that good and raised so many relevant points I would highly recommend it. I read it all in a few hours.

I feel really perky and positive today. I slept like a log all weekend. I had plenty of daylight and fresh air and exercised as well as made smoothies and green foods with my hubby. We had so much love and kindness and I feel full to the brim with motivation. I feel pleased with myself that I have been really good for seven days and it really starts to show. I did a coffee enema this morning and that gave me even more clarity. I have enjoyed considering nutrition so much that I think I may even become a health coach and do a nutrition course! I believe that everyone is different and everyone’s needs are individual but it would good to know the principles and the more you are armed with the healthier one can be plus I’d love to pass on my knowledge to others the best I can.

For now I’m off for a cup of green tea…..