German Christmas.. I love an extra day of pressies. :)

Christmas Eve is the most important day of Christmas as this is when they celebrate.. So with Pete being half German today is a good day!!My mum arrived today with lots of luggage and pressies.. and we spent our day painting our nails as the Bear prepared for the big English Chrirtmas day.

I love the German heritage. For us, we sing carols, open a few pressies as well eat hot dogs with homemade potato salad just like his mum used to make! (of course I had tofu dogs! MMMM :/)

Today there has been a huge increase of support on Facebook. I am truly touched and the comments made, are wonderful. The messages from friends far away and friends who haven’t been in our lives for many years really makes me well up. But you know what, I receive messages telling me how inspirational and brave and so on, but the real inspirational and brave person is my Bear. My husband Pete created the website, he started the blog, he loves me like no other everyday and makes me feel like I’m the only one every day. He cooks like a masterchef, he warms and loves me like a big furry bear and he thinks about everyone before himself. He is the true inspiration. He is the one who gives me confidence and the drive to keep on going and he makes me believe I can do anything, including be cured of a terminal disease. I have to keep going and I have to keep having fun because life is better when we do things, for not just ourselves, but the ones we love and the ones we haven’t yet met but love you the same.

Today I am eternally grateful for still being well; (plus for the presents I got! Whoop- bring on tomorrow!) but most of all I am grateful to every single person that supports me, and to those who support my Bear. He deserves it more than anyone.. He’s my One.

Off to bed early.. Santas on his way! 🙂 Night!