Got that Monday feeling… Happy!

It has been a mad few days and I guess that’s not a bad thing and means that I am blessed to have many friends and family to see before Christmas.

Friday night we got glammed up and went to Pete’s work Christmas party. The team at VTUK this year have been amazingly supportive and remain my biggest sponsors for my chosen charities.  There was much banter and dancing with great food and company.  It was another opportunity to be in a situation without the need for alcohol too. It was lovely to wake on Saturday feeling fresh.

Saturday we hopped in the car and visited my oldest friend and her husband in their new home. We had a quiet snugly day watching reality TV shows and having home cooked vegan cooking. It was very welcome as I have a huge appetite at the moment! I think I have hollow legs.

Yesterday was a real treat too. We were meeting friends in London at Winter Wonderland but luckily had an impromptu meeting with my mum and sister who were up for the weekend as well as my aunt and uncle whom I rarely see. We walked around the streets of London taking in the Christmas decorations whilst Pete went off on his own buying me a few Christmas pressies! Eek!

In the afternoon it was as if we were back in Germany when we visited the Bavarian Great Hall with our friends that we met in Ibiza this year. It’s so surreal to be sitting there when we had only met a few months earlier abroad. We sang to dodgy après ski songs and Pete had a cheeky bratwurst with mustard.Ha ha!

Sigh… what a fun filled weekend.

This week is my last week of working before Christmas and I am feeling the pressure a little. There is so much to be done but I am certain it will all pan out just fine. I also have to fit in doing this week’s module for my health coaching course.

The course has been going well and I am really starting to enjoy it. Last week the module was made for me with the diet focusing on the benefits of veganism. It stated the risks at eating any animal products but especially red meats. There is scientific evidence that eating meats can increase your risk of canSer. We also covered the benefits of mushrooms… See my earlier blog for the information on that;

As part of my course I have to have 6 conference calls to America which are known as coaching circles. I join other students and the conversation is led by our mentor. I was very dubious about this and actually a bit nervous. I didn’t think I would gain much from it but being the good student I joined the call. I have to say I found it really interesting hearing other peoples stories and also shared my own. I am looking forward to the next one and I think it will be really helpful as the course gets more complicated to bounce questions off each other.

I’m feeling a little tired today. I am still full of cold although I don’t feel ill. (It’s very sticky! Too much information?!) We didn’t sleep very well last night so I am hoping after an Epsom bath tonight I will have a sound night preparing me for tomorrow.

I have been noticing a lot of triple negative news has been focusing on immunotherapy and dendritic cell therapy. I have been doing a bit of research and notice there are many studies around the UK for other canSers using DC therapy. I am keen to ask Prof Harris and Dalgliesh to see if there are any that I can go on. Failing that maybe there is someone on the UK doing it now as it looks to me like it is possible to patent the vaccinations as seen from the US. I am trying to make life easier and as much as I love going to Germany money doesn’t grow on trees. I am also going to dedicate time to seeing if there is any way I can get funding of any kind to help with my treatment costs.  I will keep you updated with anything I come across.

Right well, I best get on as I have now done my coffee enema, heat and air, rebounding, yoga, meditation and had my juice and supplements. Phew! It feels like I have been up for hours… oh I have! Ha ha!

Here’s a challenge for you. Why not name today Meatless Monday? Following the module last week going vegetarian or vegan may too much for you to take on especially if you love your meat! But how about introducing one day a week, let’s say Mondays, as being completely meat free! There are plenty of websites with vegetarian recipes on or alternatively replace meat with organic soy or fermented soy such as tempeh, or alternatively opt for a lovely soba noodle stir fry with lots of fresh veggies.

One last thought for the day… Be happy.  This is my favourite song right now. I challenge you not to be happy after listening to it!

Here it is: Pharrell Williams- Happy

Have a great day!

Light and Love