A week of mum, Christmas shopping and more….

I have been missing blogging/journalling these last few days. I haven’t been avoiding doing it I’ve just been busy -living.

Tuesday I was back up the hospital to have blood tests again ready to start day eight of chemo on Thursday. Straight from there I went to see my pranic healer then onto have reflexology. What a lucky girl and it couldnt have been better timing what with my sore ankle.

Wednesday after my rituals I packed up my car and hit the road, Jack. Arriving at mums house in the afternoon ready for a few days of mum love.

Of course I hate being away from my hubby but it’s good to catch up and spend time with your nearest and dearest too. I’d actually say its essential!

There has been plenty of Christmas shopping (maybe a bit for me too!) walking as well as squeezing in  my course work for the health coaching course I am studying. In fact I had an Epsom salt bath whilst watching a lecture the other night!

I have missed my Bear and I am thankful as there is only one more night apart. I don’t like going to bed without him, so I’m feeling very tired but I don’t mind, I have had a lovely time.



Wednesday I got a call from the hospital telling me my bloods are absolutely fine. I’m loving the service at present. I rarely have nurses call me!

Yesterday I took the anti sickness tablets followed by the 5 chemo tablets. I always have trepidation because I hope I’m not going to feel sick. It’s all in my head.. Today a day later, I feel fine. I felt fine all day yesterday and can only assume that I must be doing something right!




Last night I caught up with a really good friend who I haven’t seen since the summer. Hours fly by when you are chatting and I felt enriched for the time together.

The benefits of spending time with loved ones is insurmountable. There is evidence to show those that spending time with family and friends live longer than those who are lonely.

So that’s that then, there is no excuses not to keep in touch and let’s face it both parties get so much out of spending time together.

Every morning since I have been here mum and I have meditated, done some yoga and exercised. This morning we did a Davina McCall DVD. It feels so funny ever since we met Davina. She is so full of energy and positivity. Love her. What an amazing way to start the day.

Back to the shops this morning for our last bits and bobs for Xmas then off to visit my sister. That was lovely too especially coming home with a gift.. Totally unexpected. The universe can be so good to me! Yippee!

So I am currently sitting in mums kitchen. We’ve just finished eating her homemade vegetable soup and now we are experimenting with making blueberry muffins with coconut flour, almond milk and coconut palm sugar. They don’t look great but things don’t always go right first time.

How do I feel? I feel good. My homework has been asking a lot about what I want to achieve in life. I am a little flaky on this. I don’t really feel I have definite goals. Of course I want to complete the course and become a health coach. I want to earn a good salary but my biggest desire is to be healthy and ultimately canSer free. I’m wondering If I took that out of my thoughts if I would be clearer on my other desires. I just keep thinking I just want to be happy. But what would make me happy? It all goes back to being in perfect health, working at home with clients, having a few trips abroad seeing parts of the world I have never seen, spending regular time with my family and friends. Not much I don’t think. I don’t want for anything. I am so lucky in that respect. I want a nice house and garden and a future to live with my hubby til we are old and grey. I think you want less when you have been faced with canSer. It really puts things into perspective.

I feel almost complete. I just need to stay healthy. Other than that I’m really happy and achieving all the things I desire.

I’m going to miss mum when I go home in the morning and I never want to leave but I am looking forward to my own bed,my kitty and most of all my gorgeous hubby…. Upcited!!!!


‘Shopping’ with his work wife… :)

The weekend has flown past and I have been ever the bit Christmassy! I have done the food shopping, collected the turkey, cleaned the house, wrapped the last few pressies and collected my hubby after having his ‘shopping’ day in Oxford with his work wife, Adam! It’s an annual event that they have and come back pretty sloshed with big smiles on their faces with very few and sometimes no presents! Well at least they are happy! 🙂

It has been exciting all weekend receiving so many supportive messages and seeing the number of followers rise on my facebook page; www.facebook.com/TripleNegativeBreastCancer (If you haven’t followed me yet please do! :)) I was about to say, I cannot believe how wonderful and kind everyone is being asking their friends to get their friends to follow me on Facebook. But I can believe it. I see the strength in numbers all the time and how people are truly so thoughtful when they want to be. I think the biggest thing about social media and this blog is how surprised I am at how many people are actually interested in what is happening in my life. It’s mind boggling but so very comforting knowing I am not alone. I just hope that it helps others that may be going through it too.

Today we have been to see Ray in hospital. Bless him. He so wanted to be with us on Christmas Day but has to stay there now. The up side is he looks much better so it’s worth staying in hospital in that case. Although he doesn’t seem to agree!

This afternoon has been spent watching Christmassy tv and having visits from my step son. All in all a great build up to the few big days ahead. And all the while I can’t help but keep looking at my facebook page as it gradually climbs! EEK!

I am so very touched to think that even while people are on holiday they are still thinking of Pete and I. Our good friend, Sam is travelling in South East Asia and has sent me so many ‘hearts’ pictures showing her support and we get little messages in the middle of the night (and the odd drunken phone call!) telling us that she is thinking about us and loves us. That is so surprising- you’d think we would be the farthest from her mind whilst she is having such a great time but no. It just makes me more determined come out the other side. I love her and all my friends.. Both Bear and I couldn’t do it without them.

On that note… I’m going to bed… Christmas Eve tomorrow!