The injection of iodine feels like you have wet yourself!

I was up bright and early this morning to get the the hospital in time for my CT scan at 9am. I felt prepared or as I coudl be. I had strength in numbers and had called upon everyone last night and this morning to give me some last minute positive vibes.

Lyn, my healer did some distnace healing last night and Pete and I did our own too. I have to admit I felt a bit shaky last night. Not sure whether it was from the healing but when he cuddled me he said I was roasting hot.

We live in such a lovely village and we are so lucky that at night when we look outside there isn;t any light pollution to obstruct our view of the moon and the stars on a clear night. Last night was one of them and it was so beautiful. Now call it a sign or just to appreciate the Universe but I saw a shooting star! I don’t ever remember seeing one and I had to double take to ensure it wasn’t a firework. Nope it was defo a shooting star… 🙂

The CT scan went very quickly. The injection of iodine before they take the images is always weird as it heats your body up and you get a sensation of having wet yourself. I know, classy… Unlike rebounding it is just a sensation and I hadn’t actually wet my pants! ha ha!

When I came out of the hospital I had loads of messages from my friends and family wishing me well and sending their thoughts. I could feel them.I’m sure of that.

As the day has been disjointed I am not exercising today but getting on with sending our Christmas wishes by email and post. I have taken a stock check of the pressies already bought and I have an action plan for the ones that have not been complete as yet. That’s my mission for this week I think. get them all wrapped and under the tree.

I have decided not to worry about the results of the scan due in a week from now. I can’t change anything and it won’t help to worry so I am going to have a really good week of lots laughs and love. I reckon a week of Christmas rom-coms is in order.. a bit of Jude in The Holiday does the trick (eh girls?) or even my favourite movie, Love Actually. I have a lot to look forward to this week and my Bear is being ultra cute. It’s all building up in the ‘kitty bank’. No snuffle goes un-noticed!

So I will spend my time doing nice things and thinking about food as usual! Life goes on.. and as long as we enjoy today then tomorrow is a Brucie bonus!

Light n Love. X