I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t…..

It’s been a long week and as usual we are glad to be home especially as it’s only a week until Christmas! Pete thinks it has been the hardest trip we had in Germany primarily because I was unwell for most of it. Nothing specific really other than suffering diarrhoea, nausea some days, totally unexplained. […]

Just being happy….

The weekend was as expected; fun filled and full of laughter and maybe too much fun! Is that possible? It always is leading up to Christmas. So many people to see and try to spend time with before the big day. As usual I pushed it to the limit and felt absolutely ‘cream crackered’ Saturday […]

Henna Crown fit for a Kitty princess……

It’s officially the festive season… Now its December we have got our Christmas tree up and the house is feeling fully festive! I am actually quite excited! I’ve had a few days at my mums and conquered the Christmas shopping and have now completed the wrapping of all the presents. What a mission. But it’s […]

Invigorated, refreshed and excited!

Ah…. as I sit here and sigh and think back on the past eight days. It feels so odd having not written anything for that whole time when I could have given such great detail every single day of how I felt and what I had been doing but then that would just be gloating! […]

Sawasdee Ka from Bangkok

The last couple of days have been a blur. Boxing day was as good as Christmas day and every day got all the more exciting as the numbers on my Facebook page increased. Thursday was a day of organising as we packed to go to Thailand. It’s a long overdue holiday seeing as we booked […]

Christmas jumpers, snowballs and turkey..

Christmas Day!!!! What a wonderful day it has been. So full of love and pressies! We visited ray this morning at the hospital and took him a few gifts and mince pies. He seemed happy to see us all (despite moaning a bit about the nursing staff!) The day has really been so amazing. I […]