Professor Harris- Oh how I have missed him!

Started our day at the Churchill Hospital. If I’m honest I was dreading it as my experiences of late there hadn’t been altogether positive. The appointment was meant to be getting my results (but I had already been given them) and to see what the next route to take regarding chemotherapy should be.

We were greeted by Professor Harris. Oh how I have missed him. He is such a great specialist. We discussed the fact the canser has gotten bigger and is indeed affecting nodes. But he did say they are still extremely small and I am not experiencing any symptoms. He explained that as the growth in the time of my first scan to my last there had been more than a 25% growth that I really should have treatment. It was then that we mentioned the immunotherapy. He was very encouraging. Agreeing with Professor Dalgliesh, he said as I am feeling well doing trials and new treatments are a great way to go, HOWEVER, if by the next scan there has still been a further 25% growth then I should stop that trial/treatment and progress with laboratory tested, scientifically proven systemic treatment i.e.Chemotherapy. So there we go.. 6 weeks time I have another CT scan and 8 weeks I see Professor Harris again.

We discussed diet and supplements with Prof Harris as well as exercise. This time I wasn’t met with eat and drink what you like. He said he couldn’t really give nutrition advice but also didn’t pooh-pooh it either. He said definitely exercise will help. This was such a positive experience. He was firm in his decisions, certain of the next step and really reassured that the disease could be contained and treated but not cured. We mentioned that we had seen some research in Australia at the Garvin institute regarding a trial on something called the ‘Hedgehog’. Professor Harris is so very cool.. and said he assists in research with them!

Peter mentioned the fear I have been feeling especially with the time scales and life expectancy. The prof said the view I had been given was very pessimistic and been given as an average. Weirdly enough that was enough to make me feel better.

The prof mentioned that he was going to send to me for trials with Professor Tutt in London at Kings College Hospital. Now that’s a name we had both heard before. On looking him up it’s clear that he’s a boy to see too! He specialises in breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. So maybe if required we will be seeing Professor Tutt at some stage.

We left both feeling uplifted. Unusual as we hadn’t really been told anything huge. It was just the way it was handled. I have complete faith in Professor Harris’ decisions and he seems so assertive. I really like the fact he knew about other treatments and was very open to having them and any route we wish to take. He reinforces the ‘ten point plan’.

At least for now I know I have to keep doing what I’m doing, hope that the immunotherapy really starts working and that maybe I won’t need any more treatment for a while. I still have everything crossed that I will be a miracle. For now I have to enjoy feeling well.

My lovely mummy is here with me this week. It’s great to see her and have some girly chatter, oh and get my ironing done for me! Thanks Mum! (She offered- I’m not a slave driver you know! Ha ha!) Off now for a big ol’ portion of lunch. Can’t wait for my evening meal either. Another exciting creation no doubt coming my way. Honestly I can’t get enough. 🙂