Honing my skills to be better

I had a great day yesterday. I went to HD brows head office and attending a ‘Pro’ course to enhance my knowledge and learn some new techniques to make my work even better. I really enjoy being in the trainers company and there is such a buzz at Nilam Patel’s Dermaspa. I went there feeling really nervous. I knew I would have to do models whilst there and I cannot stand being watched. Once I did the first model I was fine although I was a bit shaky. Silly really as I do brows most afternoons every week. I did really well and the reports from the trainers were good so that made me feel great.

I got to meet some other therapists there who have been following me on my facebook page. Great seeing them in the flesh… They are a few of the 1200 followers I now have. It feels good knowing they find my posts positive and motivating.

It was odd talking about how I’m doing as I could feel some other staff and the girls looking at me as if trying to work out if I have an illness or not. That’s what is still so very odd to me even today. I feel in myself really good. It is completely surreal to tell people or even tell myself that I apparently have an incurable disease. I am blessed not to have any illness or symptoms and long may it continue.

I received a questionnaire in the post this morning from Reading university and Oxford hospitals. A student there is doing a PHD and needs patients like me to be part of his study. The study is the effect herbal medicine has on chemotherapy if any. I had to list what treatments I have as well as the supplements and herbal remedies I take. It asked if I would be happy to have them assessed by a professional to tell me whether they were conflicting with my medication in any way. I am intrigued to know so I said yes.

Busy busy busy day doing clients today and having finished them I now have tomorrow and the weekend to get everything all sorted and organised before we go away for a lovely quiet week together. I’m a bit excited actually. I haven’t packed yet in fact I have no idea what I am taking as yet. I must not pack too much stuff! Yeah yeah….

My last client was a friend of mine whose daughter has been diagnosed with cervical cancer at a young age. Her world has turned all topsy turvy in the past few months. I spent quite a lot of time discussing diet and other ways to take some control back of her life and help herself. I even received an email from another triple negative patient too who at only 27 years old wants to make positive changes in her life. Hopefully I have helped. It feels like a blur and a bit of a bubble that I live in. It doesn’t feel like me that is ill. It all comes crashing back though when I realise it is only about 11 days till my next ct scan… the dreaded scan… ha ha! Looming as always…

So off to get ready, get the house cleaned, beds changed and to hopefully finish this dratted book that has been hanging off me for a few weeks. I have to admit The Power of Now has been mind boggling. I am not sure I understand it all. Maybe one to re read at a later date.

I had some nice snuffles from all my ‘people’ as I call them, again this morning. The cat sat on me whilst I was being hugged by the Bear. Mornings and Nights are my favourite time. Roll on tonight!

I’m getting into the ol’ coffee enemas now. I’m preparing another one as we speak. Mmm the smell of coffee Ha ha! I’ll leave you all with that thought!