Nothing is going to stop us from living even if there is something trying to stop us!

We arrived in Brussels at 11pm last night. It would have been earlier had the M25 not been shut! Never mind eh… Be mellow someone said 

We still managed to go for dinner and got to bed at 1.30am! That also would have been fine had we not got a hysterical phone call from Ray first thing morning at6am. Again  he isn’t feeling well. So the day started rather dramatically talking to nurses and finally them taking him into hospital. Poor Pete. He seems fine whenever we are at home but as soon as we leave he gets ill.  Its hilarious really because we both hope we don’t get that old and helpless  ( and selfish!) but then here we are faced with life being somewhat shortened! Ray is 89 and I’m 37… Big puff..

Anyway as usual nothing is going to stop us from living (even if it means there is always someone or something trying to stop us!)

After an hour of a Whistle -stop -sight-see of Brussels we made our way to Cologne where we decided to spend the weekend before heading onto Duderstadt for treatment on Monday. We were really looking forward to staying in Cologne because of the German Christmas markets.. Sadly they don’t open till the 27th November!That’s a bit late in the season I think! Bah humbug. Well we hit the food houses and had tasty food. I even had some of Pete’s Bratwurst (that Pete’s sausage in english! That sounds so wrong! Ha ha)  Then before heading back to the hotel we had a cheeky little Gluhwein. Who needs German markets ?

I need sleep so tomorrow I’m going to take it easy…. 🙂 x