I think it’s good news!

Yesterday I had a great day at a colour analysis class. My friends spoilt me at Christmas and bought me the day as a gift. I went along and with three other women learned which colours suit me the best. We had make up put on us and then shown swatches of colour. I am what’s known as a Sultry Winter… Rrrarr… this means the colours that I look the best in are dramatic colours including black. I cannot tell you how happy I was when I got told black was one of ‘my’ colours! I love black. Most of my wardrobe is black. I’ve saved Pete a lot of money! Ha ha!

It was a real treat doing something so different and a once in a lifetime thing.

I decided to email the hospital and asked if they would email the CT scan results to Pete as I simply cannot stand going to the hospital and Pete would find a way of breaking the news to me, kindly. He would find some positives and be really thoughtful as to what he told me…

Surprisingly I got an email first thing morning telling me the Prof had agreed and an email had been sent to Pete with my results attached.

Unfortunately Pete left at 5.30am today to be at an important conference. I certainly didn’t want him to open it there and tried to calm myself by thinking I can wait until tomorrow as Pete wouldn’t be home tonight.

My heart was in my throat and adrenalin was coursing through my veins… I was overreacting, who says it has to be bad news?
I thought to myself it doesn’t matter what the news is because we will keep on doing what we are doing and it’s fine. Why should I suppose its bad news? Calm myself I thought.

I got on with my juicing and then got all comfy having a coffee enema. Is that even possible?!

Then Pete rang…with what I would say is good news!

The scan report said that overall there has been slight disease progression. There has been a mild increase in the tumours in my right lung. The left lung has had no change! Subcarinal node- slight increase and hilar node no change and looks less necrotic and the precarinal node stayed the same. No evidence of metastatic disease anywhere else! They have mentioned an adnexal cyst with follicle abutting. These may be physiological in nature.

I have obviously googled adnexal cyst and it seems that it is something to do with my uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries. It can be nothing, a cyst, or it can be cancerous. Of course I am hoping for the best. They say it could be physiological in nature. I am guessing that it could be nothing to worry about. Therefore I won’t.

I have also got an ‘atelectactic band’ extending from the right upper lobe lesion to the pleura. Again I have googled it.

Atelectasis – collapse of a part of the lung due to a decrease in the amount of air in the alveoli resulting in volume loss and increased density. It could be seen as all sorts of things and again I won’t worry about this at this stage. It is actually on the same side that the pain I had in my ribs, chest and back recently. I wonder if there are connected? The pain is no longer but sometimes I do feel when I take a very deep breath pain right underneath. It does feel like muscular pain.

There is no sign of any new disease or spread. This is awesome. I had worried that it would spread…Overall I am stoked with the results. Pete is also very pleased- he cannot contain himself… shame we are apart tonight. But it makes even more exciting for tomorrow.

I think I am so pleased, firstly because the canSer hasn’t effectively exploded out of control. I have no new tumours and despite the new little odd things, the tumours that have grown aren’t massive and some of the tumours have actually stopped growing!

Let’s face it, I haven’t had any chemo for a few months and have only been eating well, taking my supplements, having coffee enemas, had one visit to Nesselhut and been doing GcMAF. Something is working to a degree.

All that time on chemotherapy especially in the last six months and the growth was potentially quite dramatic. Then stop the chemo and do other things intermittently and there is less growth and even stabilised some of the tumours!?

I am thrilled… I know it’s still growing. I just need to get a hold of it now and stop it in its tracks.
That’s what the ablation and vaccines are meant to do….


So back to the ablation. I still have no date booked. No confirmation, nothing. I have emailed Prof Dalgliesh so many times and he has replied yesterday and today saying he will chase. A little more would be helpful.

Yesterday I had a feeling that whilst I was in my class that I would get a call. I picked up my phone whilst on silent and a ‘no caller id’ was calling. I dashed out of the room and it was Kathleen, Prof D’s secretary. She said she had confirmation… of the vaccine. At least it’s a start she sad. I am due to go on Thursday at 2.30pm to the London Clinic. Great… she’s right it is a start…


But then she said,’ It’s not us. ‘I know but how do I contact ’them’ myself? No reply. She said once they had a patient who was living in Malta or somewhere who was on the NHS. He had to wait 7 weeks to get in. I told her I am private and paying myself surely it should be quicker? And let’s face it it’s already been about 3 weeks! She said that it takes up quite a big chunk of time in theatre. I know, surely they can look at the diary and book it?!!

I am hanging on here… The vaccines have been accepted based on the ablation. So it needs to happen.  I have to be patient.  Again…

I feel really good. Maybe I shouldn’t be this excited but the fear of new tumours and spread has really worried me and I kind of knew it hadn’t but seeing it in black and white really helps…

I would prefer if the new anomalies would go away but I once had pericardial effusion and the next scan it was gone. Let’s hope that happens this time.


I want to thank all the positive thoughts that people shared with me. It worked. I feel like I have a future and I am not completely terrified about dying and not living forever. I know we are all one step closer to death anyway… I just feel like having extra time is brilliant. I can see the next few years could be symptom free…and I know that there are always options…

Anyway who knows what’s working exactly. I just know I ordered more GcMAF. Maybe there really is something in it…

One more client today then an evening in the bath and chilling on the sofa watching old NCIS’s. I miss my Bear…..