Almost at the end of my birthday celebrations.. Just one more weekend.

I’m sitting here in what feels like summer heat but no sunshine. To be expected in England. But I don’t mind. I have the last of my birthday celebrations this weekend when I am being taken to Cornwall by my hubby, back to The Scarlet hotel. I am really excited!

To be honest I am all ‘birthdayed’ out and am looking forward to normality… Hmmm if that exists!

I have been trying to get back to a routine and have to admit sleep is returning back to normal.. Ye-ha! I love my bed!

I am a little frustrated as I am still waiting to hear back from the lab in Greece and Dr Nesselhut to book an appointment for my next visit. I am trying to stay positive and not let fear get the better of me. My next scans are confirmed for the end of July. I keep thinking maybe I should go and have a TACE session with Prof Vogl soon just so I am having something that I know works for me. But I am reminded again that one maybe not be very helpful.

When will I ever learn patience? I am not sure that is something a canSer survivor has. If I sat waiting around then I am sure I would not be here.

Yesterday I had training on how to edit my new website. It isn’t quite ready to launch yet but hopefully once I have updated all the information then people will find it really helpful. Lots of work to be done……that and knitting. I have abandoned the knitting recently but babies are going to be born soon and I haven’t made them a blanket! Ha ha!

Keep an eye out for some lovely pictures of this weekend in Cornwall… I’ll post them next week.


Seriously, it was the best birthday ever!

I know I say I have had the most love filled awesome time ever, probably almost every Monday after every weekend. And I am blessed with having so many great experiences and times with my hubby and friends and family BUT this weekend was the best of the best… The best one ever! (oh, oh, oh…One Direction song springs to mind!)

It was my official birthday weekend and we spent two nights in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall at an exclusive hotel called The Scarlet Hotel.

There aren’t enough words to describe the utter beauty, the views, the service, and how we were totally blessed with the weather. England is the best place to be in the world when we have great weather.

Our room overlooked the bay where the surf was crashing on the shore and we watched dogs and their owners, surfer’s bobbing out in the waves and children running and screaming with joy.  We joined them in the screaming and the running and tested the water temperature… Cold but invigorating.

From the moment we arrived we just felt like we must be in heaven. We were full to the brim with happiness and love and gratefulness. We ate at top celebrity chef restaurants and mooched about all day. Everyone was friendly and seemed to be so very happy too….

We slept with our door open at night to hear the waves crashing and it took me a night to realise that that’s just how loud waves are and that there wasn’t a storm.

Every morning we were woken by a knock at the door and greeted with a fresh pot of green tea. Seriously I cannot express just how brilliant it was. Pete and I laughed so much and looked at the scenery in awe. We played like children with our new purchase, a boogie board, and squealed with laughter when the waves caught us and we skimmed to shore (losing shorts and biking bottoms on the way!)


Leaving yesterday was sad but we still had a lot to see. On our way, we went to another beautiful surfing bay and then to Port Isaac where the well known programme Doc Martin is filmed. This tiny fishing village was buzzing. We sought after Cornish delights then climbed the steep hills to start our journey home.

God really was looking out for us as we came across two accidents on our route which we just missed each time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Once home and unpacked and tucked up in our soft comfy clothes we tucked into our tasty delights; Cornish pasty followed by Saffron cake with Cornish clotted cream and a bottle of pink fizz bought for me by my lovely client. A brilliant end to my 39th birthday. I feel my 40th may be hard to beat but I sure know that I am going to be fighting fit to get there in a years’ time… I have a big week ahead of me.