Boo… brain tumours…

 So I went to the hospital. Pete came with me and was really sweet and asked if he could come into the MRI room with me. Have I mentioned I hate MRI scans? He looked at me the whole time through the little gap. I then had a CT scan. The guy was really interested […]


Today is the dreaded MRI and CT scan. Why dreaded? Well it’s obvious really… I won’t know the results for a few weeks but right now all I can think is, ‘Please, make this bloody headache go away!’ I am not so concerned about the cough, although maybe I should but I never expected to […]

Who IS Maria?

I spent most of yesterday feeling dread and sick to the stomach. My mind was running away with me and I couldn’t calm myself down. Bear called me from the car and told me that everything was going to be ok that it is unlikely the canSer has spread because I feel so well. I […]

Today is the day….

Today is the day… For my next CT scan. I have been remarkably calm probably because I have been so busy I haven’t had time to worry. But now I am about to go out for a few hours I have to wait till 4pm on a Friday afternoon to have the said scan. I […]

Professor Dalgliesh’s opinion….

So on with today.. I got up feeling distressed and still can’t shift the thought of the growing of  the  canSer and all the words that keep going round in my head is ‘that it isn’t working..’   Pete wants to bash his head against the wall. I don’t blame him. I do trust what […]