Today was the first day I have really felt happy and not scared.

Today was the first day I have really felt happy and not scared. I can’t explain why? I am guessing that the positivity app really must be helping along with the diet, exercise, supplements, support from friends and family. The love and joy that Pete is giving is so nurturing it takes my mind off everything. I don’t feel tired or negative.  We went to the hospital and got the CT scans then posted them to Prof Dalgliesh. Peter and I went to our favourite health food shop, Bean bag that has seen us regularly for the last couple of weeks to buy Bromelain. I’m so excited about this supplement. Then we splurged on a juicer and steamer pans. I’ve never been so excited about household appliances!


It was just a really lovely day seeing friends and chatting and generally feeling up beat. I’ve been generally excited all round. J


I pray for it to work for me

At the hospital this morning for a CT scan of my abdomen followed by an MRI scan. Lovely having Peter there too. Back home to a lovely green smoothie full of zingy lime. The sun is shining today so between exercise, yoga and relaxation I sit with a glass of alkaline water reading my new book. We bought a filter jug that makes the water alkaline. It really tastes great. I have been testing my urine with ph strips to see the level of acidity and alkalinity. I am now almost perfect. A blood test kit arrived today too to test me for vitamin D (Google Vit D with TNBC). You wouldn’t think a prick in the end of the finger would hurt so much!

This evening our lovely friend Paul Doran Jones (England and Northampton Rugby player), came over for a very healthy dinner created by my Bear. It was so lovely to see him and have a big old cuddle.  I got a text just before bed from Christy, the lady who has had dendritic cell therapy. It was good news! Her tumour hasn’t grown in 8- 9 weeks since she had the treatment vaccine. She is over the moon. It gives so much hope. I’m buzzing and too excited to sleep. I pray for it to work for me. I truly believe that the change in lifestyle, thought patterns, nutrition as well as the treatment I’m hoping to have, will be a success.

I have embarked on ‘project me’

Today Peter called and booked an appointment to see Professor Angus Dalgleish in London for later this week. I have embarked on ‘project me’. Peter helped me do the housework yesterday so that I could have more time for myself. I received a book that I ordered in the post today, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet. It focuses on an alkaline diet. She has cancer also but it has stopped growing through eating raw, organic mainly vegetarian diet.

I have decided that today I will do an aerobic session with Davina McCall, and then later learn some yoga followed by my breathing app then the Andrew Johnson positivity app. I feel so positive but quickly get so down. I try to be upbeat for Peter but I can’t help being scared. I am waiting to hear from a lady who has had dendritic cell therapy too how the results of her CT scan have gone. Judging by the fact she hasn’t contacted me yet maybe the results are bad.

The plan starts to take shape

The plan starts to take shape. We speak with the cell therapy clinic and arrange to have the bloods taken in Harley St on the 30th July. We also make contact with a senior oncologist in Southampton Hospital, a manager at Glaxo Smith Kline and arrange for new MRI and CT Scans at the Churchill as well as genetic test and consultation with our current oncologist to discuss treatment.

We have started to ask for help in the form of any information or contacts that anyone of our friends know and to make this the biggest community for triple negative support have purchased the web site.

The feeling that we may be able to really help other people is really helping with the mental fitness side of the 10 point plan.

What’s NOT helping is that our Virgin internet has been down and apparently will be for 3 days – so at this crucial point we are really struggling with no communications

Little bits of life hassle now seem much more strenuous and I am struggling to keep an aire of calm at work and with contacts.