Curcumin- miracle spicey ingredient

The weekend was lovely and relaxing yet I still feel very emotional- impatient, and full to the brim. I can’t understand why I’m feeling like this. I guess it could be the new diet clearing out all the toxins. Its been a few weeks now but only 7 days since I have really followed a plan. I am not looking forward to having a colonic treatment this week but feel that will really help get the toxins out of me. To assist with breathing and meditation I felt that I needed clearer airways so I bought a neti pot. It’s bizarre. I simply pour saline solution through one nostril to clear out the other- the results are amazing! I haven’t been able to breathe so clearly in forever. I’m ordering curcumin as advised by Mohi from Natural Biosciences. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmuric. it is proven to help with cancer and prevent cancer. The only thing is you need black pepper and oil to help it to be absorbed into the body. I have ordered Life Extension Super Cucumin with Bioperine. Mohi is going to email other supplements to try as soon as possible as I have another CT scan at the end of August. He is keen to see if it has a positive effect.

Will be trying the infra red lamp tomorrow…X