We’ve topped £7000!

I woke up being totally snuffled again this morning… I have had a big smile on my face all day today. I love my Bear. He is so kind and caring and full of love. I wish people told him how lovely he is more. He deserves happiness in his life. Bless him. X

Yesterday I had clients coming to see me to be beautified. It was brilliant as my old clients are coming back slowly but surely and they seem so pleased to see me. I keep being given gifts and yesterday I received an orchid and a pack of Green and Blacks organic dark chocolate… Mmmm. But more than that my clients have been praying for me all over the world and where they go they light a candle. This touches me so much and makes me realise how lucky I am.

Yesterday was also my last day of chemo. My 8th cycle! I actually feel really good. It’s amazing how one good day of eating, no alcohol and back to usual exercise and rituals how I can feel tippedy top!

I also posted on facebook yesterday that I am going to start taking on new clients again. No sooner had I said it but three new clients booked… whoop. My diary is getting ever busy and I mustn’t forget to keep focused on my project of getting well again. I tweeted this online and Nilam Patel, founder of HD brows messaged to congratulate me on getting back into it again… how nice!

I have had a few emails and messages today also from other TNBC ‘survivors’ (and other canSer survivors) asking my advice. I have to admit I am feeling great today. Everyone I see says I look really well, that has a lot to do with a tan I currently have but maybe I am glowing from the inside and it is showing on the outsides.

I am more than happy to share my news, experiences and advice where possible. I just hope this is the start of things to come. More and more people are realising that working alongside conventional treatment such as chemo is the way to go. I wouldn’t say no to professional advice of any kind but I guess everyone has their own paths.

Yesterday was my last day of cycle eight of chemo. Eight! Who’d a think it? Eight cycles sounds crazy yet I still believe it is working and I feel great.

To top off my feel good day I have been for reflexology. Claire says that she feels my lungs feel even better and everything feels very calm and relaxed… all except in the dimple of my glutes! How bizarre! I have a tight knot in my butt cheeks. I put that down to all the squats I have been doing!

I have been food shopping today also and my oh my how I love fresh organic veggies. I actually feel quite proud of myself when I am the checkout. I know everyone is looking at my conveyor belt and their own and thinking either, ‘She’s mad!’ or ‘She’s so healthy, I must be more like that.  If only they knew how unhealthy I can be at times! Ha ha!

Today I have paid in some money that I have been making through selling the wish bracelets as well as some of my friends donations through efforts too. This has taken the total of the virgin giving page to £7059.60! We topped that £7k mark at last! And to make it even sweeter it actually equates to more than £8000 with gift aid….. BOOM!! We are firing on all cylinders and need to get cracking with making more! Thinking cap is on.

I think I am going to try and make time every day to sit and visualise or do some quantum field healing. I have to kick the last lot in the butt!I also think that I need to plan more training for the future…. keep me focussed.

So much going on.. I am really happy…X