Off to Germany for treatment number 3…. wonder if we will see the ‘Angel’ lady?

Yesterday I had acupuncture followed by a one to one yoga session which then followed with a short healing session. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but the happienss was taken a way slightly by bad traffic on the way home. I have to admit ever since the treatments and yoga my head has felt like ‘mash’. I can’t think clearly. Last night we had terrible weather. It was so stormy that it kept both the Bear and I awake. Today I had plans to do some exercise as it has been about two weeks since I have done any. I think my ankle could handle some exercise but not bouncing. But I feel so tired today. I feel a little overwhelmed with stuff to do and it’s not that much really; my usual morning rituals, packing for Germany, clean the downstairs of the house and one client at 12. Nothing is flowing and I feel foggy.

At acupuncture yesterday Michael talked about my visit with Dr. Kate. He suggested that the next time I go we spend some time on ‘focussing’, which is an exercise where I focus on how my body feels and to let it go. He says that my energy is still a bit stressy but he is happy with how it feels at the end of the treatment. He worked a lot on many channels but the most sensitive was the heart channel agian which governs the emotions.

A whole heap of books arrived from Amazon today. More to read.. it will happen in due course. I’m going to start with ‘How your mind can heal your body’. I really believe that I am doing everything I can possibly due physically and I feel so positive most of the time but I do feel that there is something like today that makes me feel blocked and not convinced. I have to actually read a list of the things that I am doing to remind myself. Surely the cold is proof in the pudding that I am well. Today the cold, even though I sound congested is much better. It isn’t affecting my chest at all, which is unheard of for me. It would normally be lingering for weeks.

I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday regarding the ‘timebomb’ that breast cancer is going to cause in years to come. Apparently because the population is living longer the NHS aren’t going to be able to cope with the amount of people getting cancer. That;s why I cry out now to anyone, make changes now! the client I saw today has taken on board the diet with the juicing that I do and suggest. She says she has now passed it onto 4 other people. Brilliant. Small changes that can change your life for the better.

Friday on Channel 4 is Stand up for Cancer night at 7.30pm. Cancer Research UK is joining forces with Channel 4 to bring you Stand Up To Cancer. The live event will see some of the biggest stars from TV, film and music come together for a fundraising extravaganza. Hosted by Davina McCall, Alan Carr and Dr Christian Jessen, we’ll be inviting everyone to get involved, show their support and raise millions for the fight against cancer. If I was going to be in the country I would watch it so please watch it for me! smiley-laughing.gif

My client gave me the name of a good reflexologist today, that’s two names I now have that I am going to contact. I have a feeling that reflexology could be really beneficial to me. So much to look forward to…..

So not long til I leave with the Bear to get on the road to Germany for treatment cycle number 3, wonder if we will see the ‘Angel’ lady?

We are staying in Maastricht tonight then the weekend in Munich! Should be interesting, let’s hope there isn’t any traffic to hold us up. I could do with a good night sleep.