Day Four..

After a weird nights sleep (I think I took too many amino acids too close to bedtime) we got up early to train in the gym. I always feel so much better for making the effort.

I then go to the clinic early as we were having a lecture on foods.

To begin we were given the lowdown on how GcMAF works. It was really enlightening and informative.

Food then began to flow and weirdly enough red wine! At 9am in the morning? Anyway it was a nice time chatting with the other attendees. I noticed we all looked really bright and well. On chatting I find they have been asked to stay until Monday although not all are told they will be treated and certainly none were told they would be given the full treatment.

I am now not sure if I shold stay until Monday. All that extra cost for no extra treatment?!

I then find out a lady who takes naltrexone like I do but was advised to stop prior to starting GcMAF. I have not been advised to do this. Is this an oversight or different treatment?

I don’t want to feel anything but positivity about this treatment and I am very happy with the people here but feel there are missing elements. Should the Prof be here every day?

This afternoon Pete and I decided to head into Lausanne, after a short stroll we met some of the other attendees down by the port.

It was such a beautiful afternoon. Afternoon went into evening and we enjoyed an evening meal together…

Great day.