GcMAF Day 3… Wonderful day in Montreux

I checked my email frit thing this morning and noticed a message from a friend of a friend who is here in Switzerland having GcMAF!

I quickly replied and planned to meet her. Wow! How small is this world?

I had an early appointment today and it was nice to get it out of the way. They scanned my spleen to see the activity and increase in blood supply. They believe this shows a good response for the macrophages. My spleen has had an increase in blood supply- so that’s positive.  If only there was a way of knowing if it’s slowing or stopping the tumours in my lungs?

The rest of the day has been bliss. We spent the afternoon walking in Montreux along Lake Geneva to Chateau du Challon to Freddie Mercury’s statue, up to the old town, fluffed a cat called Jambo and bought some new shoes! Whoop!

We then met a friend of a friend. It’s so lovely meeting new people and very enlightening comparing our treatment experiences.

The thing I keep noticing is how well all these people are. It keeps me hopeful but I also think how many of us are out there doing the same?

I’ve really had an awesome day with my hubby …

..Cos I’m happy. (Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…. Fa la la)