Scientists and Dendritic Cells….

Early start off to Reading to see a group of doctors who specialise in dendritic cell therapy. It was a very exciting meeting with lots of information on nutrition, how the immune system has such a huge part to play and how mood and stress levels affect it.  It was good to know our ten point plan has been given the thumbs up. One of the docs really emphasised the importance of acupuncture, yoga and mediation for improving healing and boosting the immunity. Pete and I left buzzing. We just have to mull it over then if I choose to go ahead with it off to Zurich I go! As if that wasn’t exciting enough I then get a call from Prof Gus who says that my nodules are so small radio frequency ablation or microwave are not an option however he has spoken to a doctor in Germany who combines dendritic cell therapy with another immunotherapy( it’s all letters and numbers- very confusing) The prof says as my nodules are so small now is a great time for this type of treatment. So we have the German fellas details and will call first thing Monday. As well at that he said he had been doing a lot of research and has seen a drug called dipyramidole which is used for blood clotting and has other functions has a positive effect on triple negative breast cancer, available from doctor with no side effects or danger to my health. The prof says it’s worth a go! He is going to write to my doctor ASAP.

Oo also my infrared lamp arrived. The doctors we spoke to all agreed that cancer cells are very sensitive to heat, now maybe a lamp won’t work but it says it should heat up to 2 inches deep. I’m only 4 inches in depth so heck it’s worth a try until I have an actual professional heat treatment.

All in all a great day (plus I had the Bear with me all day) 🙂