A tad emotional- oops wasn’t meant to tell anyone about the Bear being a softy was I?

This weekend has been a brilliant weekend.

Firstly Friday night was the work doo with the VTUK crew. A great night with such a lovely bunch of people. All ages and all backgrounds but I love them all. Not shy of pulling some shapes on the dancefloor I got sore feet from dancing all night. The food was great, the drinks flowed (a little too much!) and we all looked really smart (boys in black tie and girls in Christmas glamour).

Saturday I felt the night before.. a little jaded and hungover but I had a smile on my face. It’s amazing how easy it is to forget all the bad stuff going on in my life. It’s true what they say, that there really isn’t time to worry about everything. Living is so much easier. And more fun!

I dragged Pete around food shopping (mainly comfort foods-but vegan style! Not quite the same but still tasty) against his will. He didn’t look great but got on with it bless him. Then back home I collapsed on the sofa whilst Pete went to see Ray. To behonest Pete did most of everything on Saturday. He came home and cooked loads of good food and made sure I was warm in front of the fire and comfortable on the sofa watching good ol’ Strictly Come Dancing. These are my favourite weekends.

To top the weekend off my best friend and her fella came to visit me. We hadn’t planned on seeing eachother before Christmas but witht the news I had in the week must have upset her a lot too. I can always tell. She wants to try and fix it for me in true Lizzie style and is always so supportive. I don’t know what I’d do without her. They arriived to the aroma of a tasty feast. It was like a mini Christmas dinner with silly hats and headbands. We had fish and the boys had MEAT! Boys have to eat MEAT! Caveman styly. We slumpedon the sofas for the whole of the afternoon talking complete rubbish no doubt whilst rugby was on tv.

Simply the best weekend. It took my mind off everything and I didn’t have any effects of the chemo which is started on my hangover day- Saturday. A riskt strategy but had to be done. The only thing I have felt is tired. The anti sickenss drugs make me feel sooo tired to the point where I cannot keep my eyes open. If I get used to the chemo then I can reduce the anti sickeness down. The good thing about the chemo is that there is no hair loss but I may get diarrhoea, sore hands, feet, mouth, eyes etc..

Once our friends said goodbye we got ourselves on the sofa for more tasty food and Sports Personality of the Year. I don’t know what’s wrong with uis but we both ended up in tears. A tad emotional.. Oops I wasn’t meant to tell anyone about the Bear being a softy was I? 🙂

My kind of weekend. More of those please!

I pray for it to work for me

At the hospital this morning for a CT scan of my abdomen followed by an MRI scan. Lovely having Peter there too. Back home to a lovely green smoothie full of zingy lime. The sun is shining today so between exercise, yoga and relaxation I sit with a glass of alkaline water reading my new book. We bought a filter jug that makes the water alkaline. It really tastes great. I have been testing my urine with ph strips to see the level of acidity and alkalinity. I am now almost perfect. A blood test kit arrived today too to test me for vitamin D (Google Vit D with TNBC). You wouldn’t think a prick in the end of the finger would hurt so much!

This evening our lovely friend Paul Doran Jones (England and Northampton Rugby player), came over for a very healthy dinner created by my Bear. It was so lovely to see him and have a big old cuddle.  I got a text just before bed from Christy, the lady who has had dendritic cell therapy. It was good news! Her tumour hasn’t grown in 8- 9 weeks since she had the treatment vaccine. She is over the moon. It gives so much hope. I’m buzzing and too excited to sleep. I pray for it to work for me. I truly believe that the change in lifestyle, thought patterns, nutrition as well as the treatment I’m hoping to have, will be a success.