It’s like living in a Disney movie…

I had my first appointment with a new acupuncturist who is closer to where I live than the last one. Her name is Mary Henagan and she is based at the Centaur chiropractors in Oxford. I will add her details to the resources page.

She did a thorough consultation asking me in depth questions about me and my life as a whole. She then read my tongue… This always intrigues me! Then she felt my pulses. She said my tongue seemed very pale in places which is common in women but generally means the blood is stagnant. Nothing too much to worry about. I explained that the tip of my tongue gets very red and sore sometimes as well having a few cracks in certain areas every now and then also. She said the red and soreness shows that there is a lot of emotion at times. Not always stress just a lot of emotion. The cracks she explained where they were placed were located right over my lung area! Well I’ll be… that’s weird right… a coincidence. I think not.

My first treatment was done sitting up and they usually start by slightly detoxing the patient to get everything ready to start with a blank canvas for the next visit. Needles were placed very gently in my points either side of my spine from top to bottom. Bizarrely enough it was very relaxing and even the slightest touch from Mary make want to sleep and I felt really calm. She explained that I may have a healing crisis and get a headache or even feel sleepy but whatever the outcome to go with it and not to be worried.

At the end of the session she felt my pulses again and said they had improved already and she seemed pleased. I have booked to go back in two weeks and I can’t wait!

Well I am not sure if it was from waking up at 4am the morning before but last night I slept like a dream! I had a good solid 8 hours. I love my bed, I love my bed, I love my bed! Waking up to birds tweeting, the sun shining in the window (much to my disapproval to begin with- I’d keep the shutters closed for as long as possible if I could!) and my Bear bringing me a mug of hot water with lemon to start every day. It’s like being in a Disney movie! Ha ha!

Today is going to be busy one again doing clients. I have had five new clients this week alone and have had three calls this morning. It’s so weird as soon as I think about working again I get new bookings. The Universe is good to me. J

I’m feeling really perky today too. I’ve painted my nails a coral colour. My favourite summer hue and have just got another new bikini from About the girl…again…my collection is growing. About the girl is a great online shop selling mastectomy lingerie and swimwear.

The best part is that the swim wear is the Australian brand Sea Folly who have agreed to let Amy the owner adapt them by putting pockets in the bra tops. Genius and gorgeous! But I had to have it as it was… coral! All ready for my next trip away with my Bear at the end of the month.

So whilst the sun is shining I am going to have cuppa in the sun, get my vitamin D intake and then crack on with some big amounts of eyebrows to contend with!