Visit with another doctor today…..

We had a family outing to Bristol today. It isn’t as exciting as it sounds, well not in that way. Mum, Pete and I drove to have an appointment with Dr Hembry, a private integrated medical practitioner. (Mum came along for the ride..)I had read a lot about Dr Hembry and had been recommended her by several people. The main reason for going to see her was for RGCC testing I have heard so much about.

On meeting her I instantly liked her and felt at ease. We discussed all the treatments and regime I am currently undergoing and what is in the pipeline. She immediately said that she thought I was on a good regime of supplements and medication and asked who had recommended I take them. We discussed the number of contacts and doctors whom we have been working with for the past few years.

The RGCC testing is also known as chemosensitivity testing. On taking your blood they test circulating tumour cells (CTC’s) in order to enable an individual tailoring of cancer treatment.

Here is a link to the website;

It involves exposing cultures of CTC’s to each available cancer therapy agent and analysing the cells resistance or sensitivity to the treatment. It also identifies the sensitivity of an individual’s cancer cells to monoclonal antibodies and biological response modifiers as well as natural and complementary agents such as acai berry and sodium bicarbonate for example.

You can see why I feel this is hugely beneficial for me and it’s a no brainer to do this asap. Therefore I am returning to Bristol on Friday to have the blood test. I couldn’t have it today as I am still on 6 days in after having chemotherapy. It is advised to have it more than a week later.

The bloods get sent to Greece where RGCC themselves do the testing.

That was the first thing we discussed. We then discussed options of treatments such as intravenous vitamin C. It is encouraging to see that the BBC news has written quote a balanced article on this subject only in the last few weeks. There is plenty of evidence to show that intravenous vitamin c could have on reducing cancer. The course would be three days a week for five weeks. Of course with all of these things there is quite a cost but at least it’s in the UK.  As well as this Dr Hembry uses Iscador injections, otherwise known as mistletoe. I haven’t gone hugely into detail yet but there is a plan. Get the test results then have a chat with her on the phone and see what treatments would benefit me. We did chat about the possibility of putting chemo off just whilst I have five weeks treatment with her. It wouldn’t harm per say as I could easily pick up chemo after that point. I am still early enough without symptoms to be able to rectify the situation should I need to.

Here is Dr Hembrys’ website:

She did discuss Dr Nesselhut and the possibility of a treatment that is more uncommon. When I have some information I will share with you.

So things are looking up. Pete and I feel really positive. As with all consultations they cost money but we definitely got our monies worth. We spent a good two hours with Dr Hembry and there was never any feeling of rushing us. All in all a good day.

Back home and we have decided to bake an apple cake! I know, sugar, but we have made healthy alternatives using natural sugars, almond milk, wholegrain flour and goats butter. I can’t wait to try it… Just a little piece!

Dr Jose Valdevino is healing me….

Yesterday I went to hospital for my blood tests…This day comes up so quickly. I started chemo this morning after finding out that my blood cell count looks fine and so does my bio chemistry. Good news. I was a little worried that it may not be after last week’s illness. So another course of chemo… of which number round it is I cannot remember…

Pete however isn’t well. Nor are his colleagues that did the Spartan race. They have all come down with sickness and diarrhoea and it now makes me wonder what was in that muddy water that they have all clearly ingested! Yuk! It doesn’t seem fair after having gone to so much effort for charity to then be ill. Poor things. I hope they all feel better really soon.

I received an email from Adrienne the guide from the Casa in Brazil last night with my results of the distant healing. My photograph was passed by John of God in entity.  It was Dr. Jose Valdevino, he is known as the compassionate father of the house.  I am still being treated, the healing is very powerful and the entities have different ways of doing the work. This is exciting! I like the fact it is still working and that it will continue to for 55 days. I guess there is no way of knowing until I have a scan?!

Today I have been ultra tired weird considering I had a really long sleep last night. Pete wonders if I am fighting something also. But today has been a bit of an odd day. I have had some clients with gaps in between so have been working on some pre course work for the nutrition course.

Digressing slightly I just wanted to let you all know about the lovely juice bar in Brighton that I went to last weekend. It has just opened and is called Juice People. Here are some shots of the shop and their blackboard with a choice of juices on. If you are ever down that way you must try it out!